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  1. Oz.

    [DKR] Server

    The server is currently down, its condition has been deteriorating for some time due to aged resources and an enormous database for ~160,000 players. It's up to Zango if it's revived for a bit longer or left down until it is replaced with the new server which has been under development for some time now. The DKR website (and thus forums) are also down, the domain expired a couple of months ago and we didn't see any point in renewing it, and the whole thing was archived and moved to Zango's dedicated shortly thereafter. A temporary forums was established by one of our members, but we think he's in hospital or something at the moment so I'm not sure on the status of that. Our IRC channel at gtanet (#dkr) is still quite active though, you're welcome to pop in there to talk to us if you have any other questions.
  2. Just to clarify what I was suggesting in my post, it's not MTA that lacks creativity and uniqueness, it's some members of the MTA community who choose to run copied/stolen/cloned scripts which detract from the originality of those of us who strive to be innovative. The MTA platform itself is great for allowing server operators the freedom to be creative. It's important to separate the two in this regard.
  3. I'd be inclined to agree with some of what the OP said, but it's a problem which is not confined only to Roleplaying servers - other gamemodes suffer from the same. It seems to be a cultural issue in MTA, perhaps due to what seems like quite a young average age across the community. If you are running a successful server, other servers will copy you. If you ban someone, they'll try to start their own server and copy you. Originality and creativity isn't fostered, it's practically discouraged because every idiot will see you've come up with an interesting concept or feature and will try to duplicate it - the end result being a heap of servers offering the exact same experience. Which, as I said, seems like a cultural issue within MTA, since most people just turn a blind eye to that sort of behaviour instead of rejecting it entirely. I'd say that's destroying the pool of server operators who actually know what the hell they're doing, and replacing them with a bunch of moron children who are only interested in whoring their player count. MTA needs a bunch of unique, quality servers which are all roughly equal in popularity, not hundreds of identical, crap servers with two people in each. The current environment just strangles creativity, and creativity is what running a server is all about as far as I'm concerned (at least within Freeroam). Why bother putting the time into making something original using the tools MTA provides, when you know it'll just be copied or stolen by some kid trying to poach players? It's a sad state of affairs. But I've been saying this for years, I doubt anything will change, it's not something which can be easily fixed. It's probably the noisy minority who are causing the problems afterall.
  4. Oz.

    Item ID

    It's almost certainly just the same texture being reused. Interior objects are usually one or two objects, encompassing everything in the interior. I don't think that pinboard or picture frame will be individual objects, unfortunately. If you can tell me which interior you saw them in, I can check for you.
  5. I don't have any recommendation for a large flat object which uses a single TXD - usually if I required something like that I would simply make one, so I quickly made one for you. It should be similar in size to that section of runway, 30m wide x 120m long. If you want to use it, just do an object replacement on some interior object (as opposed to replacing a 'normal' map object, which may conflict with where you want to put your panels) and restrict the replacement to interior 0 only. http://www.mediafire.com/?l96fy52z3red8mm When changing the image inside FlatPanel.txd, remember to make sure the image you replace it with is called 'Image.png', i.e. do not change the filename of the image in the TXD, or it will no longer appear on the model in-game. You should be able to use as many different versions of that DFF/TXD as you like, with each version using a different picture on the panel. Just make a copy of the DFF (eg FlatPanel01.dff) and a copy of the TXD (FlatPanel01.txd) with a new picture in it, and replace it over a different object ID. Hope that helps.
  6. That IDE list appears to be incomplete. It's missing ID 8355 vgsSairportland18, anyway. e-Hate, use a program such as IMGTool or MEd to extract vgsSairportland18's TXD file from the gta3.img archive. The name of this TXD file is vgssland01.txd, and is a shared texture library for many land objects in and around LV airport. Replacing 'ws_runwaytarmac' and 'white' should be all that is required for changing the surface of that runway model. Bear in mind that whatever changes you make in the TXD will still be subject to the texture mapping and geometry of the DFF.
  7. I use MEd - an external map editor/viewer - to load up sections of the map and find information on objects. There might be a way of doing it in MTA's map editor too, I'm not sure, just I've been using MEd for a long time and old habits die hard. You can download it here. Just find your gtasa.exe path after you've installed MEd, select some IDE lists to load up in the 'Scene' tab, and click render. Double clicking on an object displays its information, including the name of the LOD, then you can search the relevant IDE list using the LOD name to find its ID. It's also handy for being able to extract DFF/TXD files, and for displaying information regarding the DFF/COL mesh - good for modellers.
  8. Looks like the object's LOD is still being displayed. It's a separate model from the DFF, which you already removed, so it isn't a case of textures persisting when they shouldn't be. LODs have no collision file, which is why you can also pass through it. Try adding lines for IDs 8930 (the LOD for ID 8842) and 8931 (the LOD for ID 8839), and see if that fixes it.
  9. Oz.

    "skin" tutroial?

    I think for most peds it's around the 2000 poly mark, so perhaps use that as a guide of what to aim for. There shouldn't be any need to go above 1024x1024 for texture size, and even that is pretty huge, 512x or smaller is probably a more appropriate size for something as small as a ped. I think GTA's default ped textures are 128x256. When it comes to GTASA, when you're making custom content it's worth keeping in mind that if you make it 'too good' (too detailed), it will just look completely out of place with the native objects. There's a happy compromise between what you're capable of making, and what GTASA typically looks like.
  10. If you made the custom interior, just create some omni lights in 3DSMax in your interior's model, run a radiosity render and apply the radiosity solution to your model, then export with vertex colours/illumination.
  11. In the case of LVPD, the signs are a separate object from the rest of the interior, but there are four signs contained within the object, not just one. The object is 14885 'Vegas-signs1', and contains the signs for 'CHIEF', 'BRIEFING', 'COMMANDER' (all close together) and 'TRAINING' (about 50m away). You will need to edit the DFF if you want individual signs.
  12. Always a good idea to look at vehicles.ide to check vehicle information, as the filenames are not always the same as the in-game vehicle name. In this case, the TXD associated with the Police Ranger is 'copcarru.txd'. But the TXD does not include any textures with the 'POLICE' marking on them. As far as I know, those 'POLICE' markings are only contained in 'vehicles.txd', a generic TXD which all vehicles pull textures from.
  13. My money is on the latter.
  14. The amount of connects a server receives is not always indicative of the quality of the server.
  15. Oz.

    [WIP] wBot

    That's a pretty cool idea Wafamde, good luck with it. How about being able to ask how long a player has been idle for, or how long it has been since a particular player has been on the server? Statistics like what is the highest player count the server has received, how many does it average, who are the Administrators/Moderators etc...
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