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    Only works on server-side. C# is happening, its in dev: https://github.com/mta-slipe/slipe-server
  2. veicletestdrive = {} addEvent("testdrive", true) addEventHandler("testdrive", getRootElement(), function(player,veicleid) veicletestdrive[player] = createVehicle(veicleid,-2422.01147, -605.47894, 132.56250) warpPedIntoVehicle(player, veicletestdrive[player]) setTimer(function(player) removePedFromVehicle(player) destroyElement(veicletestdrive[player]) setElementPosition(player, -2412.01294, -596.52393, 132.64844) end, 30000, 1, player) end ) Try this code
  3. Cadu12


    Just for your servers, yes. It is not possible to do it if it is not your servers.
  4. Cadu12


    I created own SDK, you can fork and edit to add more functions GitHub: https://github.com/Cadu12/mtasa-java-sdk Simples: https://github.com/Cadu12/mtasa-java-sdk/tree/master/simple/main/java/br/com/cadu12/simple
  5. setVehicleOverrideLights or setVehicleLightState You can force lighting as off.
  6. Cadu12


    Can you share jsdk script to us? Also you have ml_socket's module(not from official)?
  7. MYSOL ERROR 2006: MySOL server has gone away Looks like it's your database configuration.... This configuration will kill connection when idle time passes or something like that. It is better to first check if the connection is open when inserting, updating or deleting a record.
  8. Cadu12


    What functions do you need?
  9. triggerClientEvent(root,'maps', resourceRoot,MapList)
  10. Então você tem preconceito pessoas com deficiência porque está rindo na minha cara. Sou surdez, e tenho problemas com meu português.
  11. Boa noite! Não tenho tempo em ajudar só vejo posts e excluir se for precisa, é por que estou fazendo um curso bem longe, e estudo de manha também é bem longe. Roots, deixa eu pergunta uma coisa: Por que você está postando que são besteiras? Edit: Isso aí StanleySathler!
  12. Oh... https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetCursorPosition Look at example that I sent you
  13. You can make your own custom event using: getPedTarget
  14. Your code is wrong then. Ontopic: Nice design. Keep up with your projects
  15. Maybe you didn't see my topic. (https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=52105) Good luck for your gamemode future
  16. Cadu12

    Logging in

    I know that. Admin panel needs login command to work because they using MTA's account system.
  17. Cadu12

    Logging in

    It works, but you aren't able open admin panel. You have to edit, to allow players who are admin don't do cancelEvent ()
  18. No. It's not possible
  19. That's shader. You can create more textures in one ID using engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture but you have to make your own sync.
  20. Cadu12

    [HELP] Tables

    Yes, that's right, Monson.
  21. When you create custom font, don't change scale with dxDrawText, keep use 1.
  22. local vips = { "Anubhav", "esporta", "bilal", } local accname = getAccountName(source) if (vips[accname]) then outputChatBox ("You are vip", source) else outputChatBox("You are not a vip", source) end
  23. It's not possible to delete hardcoded. They made login system.
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