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Server list spam


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Not really.

I never put my homepage on my host server.

That means chaos.de.to has a different IP than my servers.

Also, what happens if you reinstall MTA and the "fake" servers get detected earlier then the normal ones?

The "name list" would be pretty much like your "official servers".

On the other hand, that means I'd only put servers on that list that have had an community for more then 6 months.

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I don't host the website.

I HATE php and sql. I throw up every time I see it.

So I let the website be hosted by a professional host, hoping he got the backups I'll never want to make.

Also, I'm not the victim here.

If someone names his servers after mine, I don't care.

He'll never be able to copy them.

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What I can do is a http forward from "my website" to the host website, register some random domain name and put it in front of my server. But "chaos.de" is already in use and "chaos.com", "chaos.org", "chaos.to" seems to be the same (at least it was when I tried).

Well, the discussion is going a bit offtopic in my eyes.

What I was trying to talk about is:

What if the server is a clan server which is called "[WC] SuperCarOwnage" and the imposter tries to use "[WC]"?

This actually has nothing to do with websites at all, its about the WC tag here.

Also, if you try to use "WC.com" you'll have difficulties.

A website in front of every server name is a bit ugly, too.

Also, what about those guys who use "gtamtaddctoiletpaperanalfartboots[...]communitynameWC"?

Thats why I came to the resolution to have "official" servers again.

That would mean a human has to register that server name (with the IP / or DNS name, it wouldn't matter in that case since any random website name is ok) somewhere in a list that can be downloaded via http and hosted somewhere as a simple .xml or .txt file.

Its not an issue that needs instant reaction anyways, if you register an official server 10 hours "too late" it won't matter.

Also, it doesn't need to be forcefully implemented on MTA 1.1, MTA 1.1.1 would be fine, too.

After all its just an idea.

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Well, you wouldn't use wc.com, would you, it's not available.

But look at a server like CIT for example: It puts cit2.net at the end of it's server name. We can detect that, do a DNS lookup on that address and find that it's IP matches the server's IP (which it does in CIT's case).

If CIT hadn't hosted the server on the same IP as their website, then they could instead put server.cit2.net in their URL, which we can then verify in the same way as above. This still provides a 'proof of ownership' of the server, as only the server owner can make that DNS entry.

We could then provide a search field that lets you search by the domain names we've verified in this way.

Nobody else could ever have a server on your domain without you knowing (unless it was hacked, obviously). We could easily engineer the filter to prevent people doing things like cit.net.someotherwebsite.ru.

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I've been thinking about HTML Meta Tags, but that won't protect the clantag.

After all, the websites are changing from time to time, may COD2MOD be the best example...

So I thought about a different "registration" system.

Since you guys don't want to have a registration server and want to make this the easy way, I would say that you:

- Add the website in brackets at the end of the server name, even if its just [].

- Ask the MTA Team to generate an ID.

- The MTA team uses the Server name, the IP and the port plus and generates an MD5. This MD5 can be "open" since it just makes sure the IP and Port fits to the server.

- The server owner puts this MD5 on his website/server as a HTML meta flag. This can be done anywhere. In my case on

- If there is an web address/IP in brackets at the end of the name, the Client can check it out, and try to compare the MD5 in the meta flags with the Server name, the IP and the port plus .

- If that MD5 fits, the server gets a green color.

This has the advantage:

- With a few steps, your server is registered. You only have to ask.

- There is no database server needed.

- Its not complicated.

- Unless the guy is a good hacker, they can't impost the server.

- People with good scripts/servers normally can handle those easy steps.

- The stuff is "client side enough" to fit into eAI's concept.

- The clantag is protected.

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Server Faker PRO|RACE 24/7 3.0 IP/Port

This idiot Download my Panels in Community (Shop Panel & Adim Panel) and open the server :cry: and use my name.

Sure is home server,please close him.Tnx.

There are 3 FAKE SERVERS.

And they are just lame copies.


And normally there is another fake server.

Link to comment and are faking DDC servers for second day already. I usually dont report servers who were running for the only day on local pc using DDC tag, but these two are running much longer than others. Could you please take them out from servers list.

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Here there are some latin guys who are taking the FG tag as spam.

Let's see,

IP of the spammy server:
Aclarations: We went onto and discuss with them withought insulting, we said "The tag FG is in use, you can't use it while is ours" and they start insulting us on different languages like spanish (I, Otto, understand spanish, so I can translate it) they said us that MTA:SA was a dick and they do all the things they want, then, they said that they were going to have the control of all clans (They are mad, poor guys) and they didn't matter of the report. Ok guys, so here is the report.

Then, here is the server and the list of the people who said that:


Here, a little history of the things that happened:

First, CapY went onto that server and those people said "Tu no eres del clan |FG| quitate el TAG!" (English: You are not from |FG| clan, take out the TAG!) and CapY didn't understand and he asked me (Otto), so I translate it and CapY could believe it, they were inmature at all. Then, he said FG tag was in use since 2009, but, no case. Those inmature guys banned CapY. Then, I went on, and I started talking on spanish. They said "Otro trucho?" (English: Another false guy?) and I said, no I'm not. I started telling them why they couldn't take the tag "FG" so they start insulting me and I advertised them about this topic, and they said "MTA:SA is a shit, we are going to have the control" and I said "You aren't on Power Rangers". Btw, they didn't let me finish telling them about FG tag, and they banned me.

What's the solution? Delete this server. Why? You know, FG tag is in use.

Report by: CapY and Otto.

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Server Faker PRO|RACE 24/7 3.0 IP/Port

This idiot Download my Panels in Community (Shop Panel & Adim Panel) and open the server :cry: and use my name.

Sure is home server,please close him.Tnx.

There are 3 FAKE SERVERS.

And they are just lame copies.


And normally there is another fake server.

Elyte Tnx for support but the MTA Team ignore this :| . . .why ?? IDK :(

Only for info. The server PRO|Race open November 2009.

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Another fake [DDC] Cross DD server is at today, yesterday. Could you do something with this guy? It is the same person, his serial is 423ACBF3CB0A7F66146E19761CE445A2 and he keeps opening server again and again with dynamic ips.

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Dear MTA community moderators,

the |FFS|Racing clan servers are being faked by an inofficial server called: |FFS|Racing Maps 24/7 |TRAINING|

It is not an official server which uses maps that have been stolen by the help of an exploit. The FFS clan would really appreciate any help. The IP is:


Help is appreciated.

Best regards,


Leader of FFS Racing

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