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  1. There will be shaders, custom txd for some clothing articles as well
  2. With the level of customization I have planed for the cj skin, other players as peds would have an unfair advantage. Some article of clothing when equipped would allow for custom functions to boost stats. I also like the idea of having a static model with dynamic clothing over changing "clothes"as a ped and becoming a completely different character. I also thought of creating four categories of character (black male (CJ), black female, white male and white female) by editting the txds of other skin ids so when a player buys clothes it then switching the skin to the same model with custom txd shirt, pants, head gear, ect. but that would require a lot of combinations and editing of lots of peds resulting in an intimidating client download size lol
  3. Hey guys just looking to get the communities opinion on a project I'm working on, it's cnr/rpg based with quite a few twists, I won't give too many details but for those who are fans of RPGs would you rather select a ped as your character, or CJ with the ability to customize clothing, tats, weight, strength, ect? Thanks guys
  4. Lukkaz

    Green Candy

    What's left to actually code?
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a small community to script for and develop, I have been away from MTA for a while however I wish to get back into it. I use to own and operate Asylum Gaming Roleplay, developed for Radical Gaming as well as worked with AeroXbird in small contributions for the open sourced VenuX roleplay. Roleplay server is preferred however I am open to any project that catches my attention. Some guidelines Community MUST have a means of hosting either vps or dedicated Website preferred but can also help design and produce one Small established playerbase preferred I am NOT looking to get PAID, I am interested in helping to build a community If you are interested in my help for your next project feel free to reply or PM me. Thanks guys -Lukkaz
  6. Then the goal of this project has been reached! If you review my older threads on ivmp I tried jump starting the motivation of the community. Developing my version of the source code evidently lit the fire under their dev team to hopefully make something a lot better haha. Best motivation is competition Wait, but what you are developing is a Freeroam-like interface in IV? Because that and a proper editor would make IV mp go up and up. Seriously. If i can play with that, even if im alone in my server, i will be happy testing and coloring cars I could see what I can do I have the next couple days off I'll begin on an editor mode
  7. Then the goal of this project has been reached! If you review my older threads on ivmp I tried jump starting the motivation of the community. Developing my version of the source code evidently lit the fire under their dev team to hopefully make something a lot better haha. Best motivation is competition
  8. Thanks for the support guys, been really busy irl (buying first house ) so I will continue to promote it hopefully it can take a life of its own and I can aid those wishing to build upon it. Of course once I am settled and become bored I will spend most of my time helping the development Tried you guy's idea and tried to include SAMP, got some good feedback but IVMP developer ViruzZz ended up deleting my samp post and banning me off the ivmp website due to his lack of skill being surpassed in a version of the source he has no part in.... Give me some motivation... hmmm.....
  9. Thanks for the support guys I will upload to github and of course those interested will be given access to be able to make changes in their free time. Hopefully this can gain some attention and be a good add on for the MTA community
  10. Hey everyone, I am sharing my own personal modifications of the IVMP source code, it is equipped with LUA and also has a resource structure similar to that of MTASA. I fixed the server browser so players can download source, compile, and start hosting their servers and will populate on the server list, also added features however has not been stress tested, I may be active in coding (working 60 hours/week) but of course anyone interested in developing feel free to contact me. https://code.google.com/p/iv-online/ Thanks guys
  11. Great job guys, you stay busy lol DLing now im sure i'll be impressed haha thanks guys great work MTA team
  12. Well at the least could be used as a reference. Hopefully this thread doesn't go unnoticed by the team
  13. Thanks for the info Aero, but if the devs would be willing to try again I could hire an expert just to assist through the difficult part. Or (even if it may be frowned upon) take advantage of the ivmp source code rip out squirrel and wire Lua in.
  14. Not enough developers even if they all work on it? I mean they can keep 1.3.3 out and just collect bugs and fox those at a lower priority than the MTA IV, I don't know I just don't want MTA to die
  15. Hey everyone, now I'd like to start just by saying I am a huge fan of gtasa and mtasa IS the best mod I ever played. But I remember playing back in the days where things were booming. Not saying that things are completely dead now. I believe its due to the poor graphics, physics, basically gtasa is outdated. I think MTA orange should be in full progress. Mtasa already has everything why waste time on the same old mod. Gtaiv would bring tons of players and with GTA 5 not coming to the PC platform it isn't like it is a wasted effort. And don't use the ivmp as a point to disprove it would be popular, that dev team never gets anything dune there still isn't a decent GTA 5 multiplayer alternative that we all love and want. As well if MTA orange were to become reinstated I will Also be willing to donate for the stable release I know this dev team is capable of. I sincerely hope you start the new project instead of trying to perfect a mod for a dying game. Thanks guys if please share thoughts.
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