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Server list spam


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I dont know if I am right or not, but I tried to type some server names, and the result were just the original server, not those who have in the ending of the name the name of other popular servers.

So I think that this thing is not working anymore.

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Gamemonitor info

|GnR| Guns And Roses Turkish DD/DM Server (mta-trgmcddcddcxd

IP: Players: 1/32 (average: 0) Bots: 0

Type: Multi-Theft-Auto Server Map: [DM] Yatak ve yastik (0)

Last Updated: 43s ago (cached: 37s) Month Uptime: 96.6667% (580 / 600)

Last DB Update: 43s ago (last check: 37s)

It's tag contains word ddc 2 times.

It steals DDC community name in tags to get/steal more players. Please take action and close the server. Thanks.

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  • MTA Team

Who owns a particular server tag is currently impossible for us to determine.

Think of a way to do that which:

1. Is reliable

2. Is easy to administer

3. Does not rely on opinion

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Few ideas for you:

1) Find the IP of a particular server on its official website. Almost every server's website displays the server IP on the main page. The best way to check.

2) Compare reported servers with "official" ones by checking their uptime on www.game-monitor.com (or any other website that has that feature).

Official IPs of DDC servers atm are with various ports. You can see list of official IPs in my profile, other owners may add them in their own profiles either.

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It seems to me that that one approach that would require no effort in the client, would be to make it so that the first server to use some prefix on their server name 'owns' that prefix (much like domain names).

An alternative might be to actually use domain names - if you begin your address with a domain name, the server list server does a lookup on that an confirms that the IP matches your server's, if not, your server isn't shown in the list. This seems a more elegant solution to me.

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