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Server list spam


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Some idiots where i wanted to host my server, after i set it up correctly they banned me and now they are using my server.. Sadly there is such people in this world, using someone's work.. If there is something to be done pm me.


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Found the serial of the guy:


To server owners: I sugest putting this:

"Avram_Andrei" serial="1B0D47125305488C4C48888E371BBC44" banner="Serbanescu_Gabriel" reason=" (nick: Avram Andrei) (by Axel)" time="1338656822"> 

in banlist.xml to avoid thinks like this..

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Server name:

SG| Social Gamers Clan Server 24/7 [DD/DM][sg-elite.net]

Server IP:

Server owner:



Server owner to this server created a server using "CSGE TEAM FUCK YEAH Europe Eng Ger Turk" to redirect to the server name above.



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