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A Soldier: Because you already know the answer :P

no, there won't be peds in the next release, unless they're hiding that feature in a secret lair, and don't want to announce it for an unknown reason :)

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well now im gona say one thing:

do u see the npcs in soldier of fortune 2 in multiplayer? do u see the npcs in HL in multiplayer?

mta is based on all multiplayer games were players are clients not npcs, so syching npcs is waste of time and bandwhith

Hey, gta its self is far from sof2 and HL, first off there both fps when this is a 3rd person game, mta is going for gta in multiplayer(obviously) so they will want most if not all aspects of the game involved.

Right now though i dont think its a real good idea to be trying to add peds and traffic. Even though there doign a great job :D

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Iam: I agree! Especially at the airport... if they can get past that problem.

If I remember correctly, the problem is that only 50 or so cars can be kept track of at any given time... so adding more cars, even across the map from you, causes errors... Then again, I may be thinking of actual pedestrians, and not the cars they drive.

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