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  1. mh i like vice city more then gta3. the bikes are just great...
  2. hehe yeah what about a new release You guys are tight. Thanks for spending so much time on programming MTA
  3. whats your operating system?
  4. Bude

    MTA 0.2

    Yes, that works for me too. [email protected] (@Bluejanis: Ich würde die Antwort anders formulieren... nix gegen dein Englisch, aber das is bessa *g*) A1: To solve the problem just duplicate the american.gxt language file coming with MTA and rename the copy to the language you had installed: e.g. german.gxt or frensh.gxt.
  5. why doesnt it work with 0.2? what kind of error is coming up with the nocd-crack?
  6. Bude

    MTA 0.2

    I got the same problem. Does anybody know what to do??
  7. hey give him a chance. what if he really figured something out? im curious
  8. I have really NO idea. Do you have just that one PC? If you have another one, try another gfx card or something... I dont know... :-/
  9. mhh thats weird.. did you try to reinstall everything?
  10. that is acutually not a bad idea to release two versions.. its gonna be more work for the MTA-Team, but i think its really not bad...
  11. it says u got an unrecognized version??? never heard of that.... is your game-language english?
  12. man... alright right click on the desktip icon vice-city --> properties --> compatibliy or something --> choose win 98/win2000 etc.
  13. alright check this out https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=2357&start=45
  14. how did it work in GTA1 and2?
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