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  1. I would think this would be good if you had to stop the robbery and go after the robbers if they getaway before going somewhere... And also bust some robbers somehow if you are the cops, and robbers could try to chase you before you take them to the station etcetc.. lots of cool stuff to be thought of
  2. got a better chance reaching the server admins here: http://iyonuk.proboards23.com/index.cgi the webby: http://iyonuk.gaming.multiplay.co.uk
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    em .. dang. Consider it for next core IT only needs to be downloaded once though I believe?
  4. notjesus


    Hmm, I'd rather forget about one simple CRC check, I have a better idea that should be possible.. made a thread for it (ranting about cheaters etc.etc) So I don't know what optioon to choose there MY way, everyone should have the same stuff no matter, even if you don't change handling.cfg back to the original, as it would download of the server, the servers preference of handling.cfg
  5. range bans just suck... it takes one jerk using the same isp server or isp or region as cool guys and all the cool guys are banned I wonder if there is such a thing a MAC banning...
  6. seriously I never found much else wrong with the mod except the lag issue and crashes in spectator But I can live without specatator for now
  7. yeah I know thats what I meant, really Just thought it would be futile to post any more specs of ppl having the problem sine its already been rectified, but what the hey
  8. I take it this program just bypasses exceptions and keeps programs running in a possibly inconsistant state? Imaging running this on an airplane
  9. I think its fixed anyway, (by looking at the first post)...
  10. me has a ping prob ... here is the list more info: ping goes between 50 and 1000, mainly between 250 and 1000 max. But when I'm not playing the ping is fine. CPU : athlon 2600 xp RAM : 512 mb VIDEO CARD : geforce fx 5900xt CONNECTION SPEED : 600 kbit down, 128 kbit up (cable) ISP : http://www.ntlworld.com ROUTER yes (linksys befsr41, tried different firmwares) FIREWALL yes (NAT built in to router) OS: windows xp pro No other internet applications running GTAVC 1.1 only no admin stuff pps: high ping only happens on some servers too
  11. you can see people on bikes hmm. thats a weird one, I can't which is strange, but its a bit weird sometimes, bikes looking as though the drive on their own lol. Dunno what would cause it?
  12. more animation see people on bikes, thats one make some sort of game mode to make everyone join in, as it gets very quiet a lot.
  13. You've already bought the controller right? (Logitech Dual Action?) I'm using a real ps2 game pad with adapter and I'm simply using the windows drivers for a "4 axis 16 button gamepad" you get this with windows Xp. If you are looking for drivers didn't you get any with it? If you are looking for a real PS2 to PC adapter (you need a real PS2 dualshock controller of course), try here : http://www.ztnetstore.com/product_info. ... ucts_id=40 or always check out lik-sang! although you need to order from hong-kong adding extra tax/cash for delivery etc etc. (http://www.lik-sang.com) oh yaeh, you need to set controls to "Classic Controls" instead of standard for PS2 like controls as said above
  14. "C'mon its only a laugh " or its "leave me alone you persitent bastard!"
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