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Screenshots March 29

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Yeah, finally a place to post your screenshots. Well post your screenshots here. Be sure to read the Rules & Info first before posting anything here. Over a week a new topic with poll will be started for people to vote for the best screenshot and to give it a beautiful place on the MTA Website. :D

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America, here I come!!

you've been a naughty girl, go to my room

C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\My Pictures\you've been a naughty girl.bmp

Half A car, has not blown up yet, still running

C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\My Pictures

You can't link from your hard disk, you must upload them to a webserver

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over the Insert button there is a button called "Prt Scr sys Rq" Prt Scr means print screen.. then you open photoshop, paint shop pro, paint whatevah, and press Ctrl + v (paste) then you just have to save the pic 8):D

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It's irrelevant but you wanted screenshots.

Also, these "weirdshots" are parts of the code being successful, but not totally, in 0.2a. MrBill ran into me after his car blew up and my car spawned a clone. Odd, eh?

BTW, i'm not canadian.

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