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Spring's progress update


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Have you had some fears about the site being not updated for a while? Fear no more - it's May, and it's also another progress update by the team.

Continuing the trend from earlier posts, since the last progress update on 23. March, our svn has grown by nearly 200 new revisions.

The list below outlines the most important changes made within last weeks:

  • We are now using Microsoft's Visual C++ 2008 (SP1) as our main compiler. This allows us to benefit from the optimisations included in latest versions of Visual Studio, as opposed to now quite old and slow Visual Studio 2003.
  • We also have decided to revert back to the standard Lua VM, rather than to stick to recently introduced LuaJIT. This was due to a discovery of a security issue caused by the switch, where MTA's ACL checking system was no longer functional and any resource could call restricted functions. This was simply due to an optimization in LuaJIT and not due to a security hole in it. There was some tweaking made to the server to compensate the performance loss however.
  • So-called 'slippery bug', which caused players to slide (like on ice) on custom placed objects and vehicles, was finally fixed. This bug has been present in MTASA since forever and was probably one of the most researched and visible bugs in MTA, so it's really great to see it go away. Fixing this bug also solved a problem in which, a person would 'slide' off a vehicle, if he/she jumped over on the vehicle while the driver was driving away - now it gives an effect similar to 'autoglue'. Send your kind words of appreciation to ryden for fixing it :P
  • The network connectivity from clients to server has been improved due to ccw's RPC optimisation.
  • RC Baron entering bug was fixed - kudos to Cazomino05 for submitting the fix.
  • Woman player models now have proper voices when set on fire, falling etc.
  • Applied lucasc190's sky/water color patch - you can now set the colour of your water to make lava or green goo effects - see the pic below.
  • Various updates to custom model support, alpha for vehicles, vehicle synchronisation, mtasa installer script.
  • Further work towards the Linux server compatibility.
  • Lots of small fixes and tweaks to scripting functions, submitted by our community.
  • RakNet was upgraded to 3.52, and additionally, a serious flaw was found and fixed in it, which caused major performance (fps) losses for clients. Gameplay should be much more smooth now compared to previous versions.
  • Custom CEGUI libs which are needed for compilation were moved directly to the code repository, eliminating the need of downloading them separately in order to compile mtasa. Also CEGUI itself has went through some serious optimisations, which resulted in its better performance.

Following the changes in the mod, there were many changes in resources alone - about 75 of them, since the last progress update.

The race gamemode has received some major updates, which included new features and UI tweaks, fixed and improved some of the race logic.

Other changes include tweaks and updates for resources like: admin, freeroam, hay, killmessages, mapmanager, realdriveby, scoreboard, stealth and votemanager, as well as some bugfixes for Map Editor.

Last but not least, our community member SkyBon has submitted a pack of optimised PNG files for our resource pack, which have reduced the size of the resource package a bit.

watercolor-th.jpg watercolor2-th.jpg

Overall progress bar on our bugtracker for 1.0 has risen up to 92%.

Until the next update.

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Updatings have really pleased. :wink:

Developers good fellows. So to hold. :P

P.S. Why progress has been changed to 91 %? :cry:

Because there whas a new bug: You can't start the map editor or a server

Which has already been fixed.

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lol wat?

last time i've played someone told me that it isn't possible to have dual weapons because of some sync issues. (or something like that)

is there any nighty build server online which has max. weapon skills so i can test them? :shock:

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