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  1. hey, it's been a long time! first of, sorry for the long delay, as you can see, i'm not active anymore at all. anyway, you can do both of the things, and they are documented on the first post, but there might be some bugs that i won't fix anymore due to the resource requiring mayor overhaul anyway. when i look at the source code myself, it gives me shivers, ugh, what was i thinking? if the blip functions doesn't work, try clientside, because i'm not sure do the serverside functions work 100% unfortunately. regarding the overhaul, i'll be realistic and say that it probably won't happen. if someone else is willing to do it, i would happily allow them to do so, though, as long as you credit me too. cheers, karlis
  2. I don't see bugs here. You can change color yourself, and whatever is drawn in F11 map is in no way IVhud caused. Or you're referring to lack of rotation for the blips?
  3. to be honest i have no plans finishing it off for now, time will tell.
  4. 1)it doesn't increase power right now because original request didn't want that, but that would be easy to make with few lines edited. 2)i think it would
  5. i am more concerned about the mess in the script, and potential slight desync that could be caused by FPS differences, if you're fine with fixing some issues, and balancing the power, sure.
  6. learn to read description https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=646
  7. karlis

    C++ | Mathematic

    3/2 = 1, remainder 1 **
  8. karlis

    C++ | Mathematic

    3/2 = 1 and remainder 1
  9. karlis

    C++ | Mathematic

    it first checks 2 with 3, and 3%2 = 1 therefore not 0, then it returns without checking other values.
  10. karlis

    C++ | Mathematic

    it fist checks 2, and outputs what happened to 2, not whole loop.
  11. karlis

    C++ | Mathematic

    that's just a not not, resulting in false if b is false, or true if statement is any other value. im not experienced with C++, therefore i cant say would it cause errors, but boolean comparison to other size seems wrong to me.
  12. karlis

    C++ | Mathematic

    i think it'll output 2, cause 1st will be false, but b-- is still 2.
  13. The ped is collisonless right? This might be the issue, that onClientClick needs collisons to detect an element. Not sure tho.
  14. that's clearly wrong, the ped remains died until it is respawned.
  15. karlis

    Creating GUIs

    i use text with cords, because, believe or not, i can't ever make it look balanced or good with guieditor, but with text all it takes is 3tests and done, not even speaking of perfect alignment. Also doing it by code usually makes it cleaner code-wise, as you can use simple name table and for loop to create perfectly aligned buttons etc. TIP: DON'T use relative position, absolute positions give far better opportunities to scale in your head.
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