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  1. You have scripting functions to selectively download certain files, and the http downloads are already being compressed. Anyway, you cannot compress what is already compressed, and audio file formats like mp3 or ogg are already compressed.
  2. ryden


    Haz que en el servidor estén en la dimensión normal, y en la parte del cliente estén en la dimensión de AFK.
  3. Do you need googlecode access? We will really appreciate your cooperation.
  4. I would wait until 1.3, which comes with the 1.1 RakNet version but with sliding windows congestion control enabled.
  5. Ese script no funcionará. Lo corrijo: function getNearestMarkerToPosition(x, y) local minDistance=math.huge local nearestMarker = nil for index, marker in ipairs(getElementsByType("marker")) do local mx, my = getElementPosition(marker) local distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints2D(x, y, mx, my) if (distance<minDistance) then minDistance=distance nearestMarker = marker end end return nearestMarker end
  6. Get your friend into the test too, we will sing happy birthday for him.
  7. The more players, the better, so we can test the server under high load conditions.
  8. Você tem algum vídeo amostra do que você quer fazer?
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. We will reduce the roadmap requirements ASAP.
  10. MTA:Race is no longer supported. Use MTA 1.1 with the race gamemode instead.
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