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  1. This is down to anticheat. MTA scans running processes to see if there are any cheating tools/trainers running, much like e.g. Punkbuster.
  2. www.iskyegoingtoportsamptomac.com
  3. arc_


    Look Mul_Tsafe, you are not getting unbanned from #mta. As I have already told you tens of times, you are out of chances. It's over. You have pulled this "I'll be good this time" thing too many times already, causing you to lose all credibility. I suggest you find another IRC network, preferably one that is completely unrelated to GTA. And seeing as you're not only a diehard IRC troller but every single one of your forum topics has been useless as well, you're banned from here too.
  4. You can download the original data files here: https://community.multitheftauto.com/data.zip
  5. Concerning resources: yes, you can still get the up to date versions from the Google Code svn at any time. Not required but recommended.
  6. A slightly updated version of the 1.0 race resource has been uploaded to Community, get it here. The "players who join DD go in spectate mode and block everyone else" bug has been fixed race.edf was updated to better support deleting checkpoints The healthbar on remote players now becomes completely empty when their vehicle's health reaches 250 (which is the point at which the car starts burning) Also in votemanager, the random seeding using getTickCount() was removed to fix the "always shows the same maps" problem. Download here.
  7. Sorry, but that's just not true. Maybe it's broken if you click the "Test" button in the editor... But if you try "gamemode race " or even just look at the output .map file, you'll see that it works as it should.
  8. 23:48 Oh fuck this lol 23:48 We're playing baseball. 23:48 I'm using my 1000eur lens as the bat. 23:48 And a piece of bread as the ball.
  9. If you think so... I looked and saw a 117-line script which has the single purpose of loading another script, but ok . It's your resource so I'll stop making comments like that now. I saw a mistake though. local buffer = ""; while not fileIsEOF(fh) do buffer = fileRead(fh, 500); end You will only ever get the last 500 bytes (or less) of the file this way. It may "work like a charm" (@ commit message) with small test files but will fail with real files. Do "buffer = buffer .. fileRead()". Or just use fileGetSize and read the file in one go (I'm assuming your framework is targeted at MTASA 1.0 here).
  10. No problem. -- lang/english.lua langstrings = langstrings or {} langstrings.English = { welcome = "Welcome" } -- lang/german.lua langstrings = langstrings or {} langstrings.German = { welcome = "Willkommen" } -- meta.xml <script src="lang/english.lua"/> <script src="lang/german.lua"/> But ok, extra prepackaged functionality like ped walking would indeed be useful.
  11. As has been said in above posts, this project only seems to be making things *more* difficult. It's making things OOP for the sake of being OOP, not for making them easier. Especially the MVC pattern, with its separation of code and data, really needlessly complicates things and seems completely overkill for gamemode scripts. And needing to initialize something as basic as the chatbox just goes too far... As for localized strings, there's really no framework with parsers needed for that. A simple table will do: langstrings = { English = { welcome = "Welcome" }, German = { welcome = "Willkommen" } } _ = langstrings[chosenlang] outputChatBox(_.welcome, player) Also I think you should edit your first post to give a bit more details, as when I first read it I had no idea what the Framework was actually about. Only when I looked at the examples from the wiki did I realise that it was an OOP conversion of the MTA scripting system.
  12. Ope fr_client.lua and make the following edits: Remove lines 1394 up to and including line 1397 (the isPlayerDead check) - this will prevent the map from showing up on join Remove everything from line 1432 up to and including line 1447 (the onClientPlayerWasted handler) - this will prevent the map from showing up on death Save the file and restart freeroam.
  13. Issues are moved to a later version if they are not deemed important for the 1.0 release.
  14. Yes, they should work. They look like the SA-MP ones except they have a different font, and can also be navigated with the mouse rather than keyboard only.
  15. You will need to convert your race maps to edit them in the new editor.
  16. robhol, that's how large the picture is, it's not scaled down in the post. Also bzuco, you forgot the exclamation point at the end
  17. No. Read post 3 and the replies to it.
  18. You can only connect to nightly servers with the nightly client. The map editor only works on nightlies, not on DP2.
  19. SA-MP gamemodes in MTA are technically maps for the AMX gamemode. So this wouldn't work, sorry - you'd have to display maps of one gamemode along other gamemodes, which is not a very elegant thing to do.
  20. I'm sure the effort is appreciated, but with this kind of grammatical mistakes and especially without pictures, I doubt many people will be reading it...
  21. There is already so much code that now it really doesn't make much difference anymore . Personally I would be against starting a unicode conversion before 1.0 is released, in order to prevent breaking stuff and delaying the release even further. Which I'm sure you wouldn't want
  22. If admin doesn't work out for you, you can always use the "addaccount" command in the server console (not the ingame console). addaccount name password You may need to close the server before the new account is saved to accounts.xml.
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