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MTA 0.6/Blue


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NOTE: Looking for just moderator, admin, webmaster, developer, etc. comments here.

Dear MTA Team,

Due to your repeated statements from the past and present regarding future updates to MTA 0.5 (GTA 3/VC Client), I would like to ask if you are still willing to fulfill your comments about possibly continuing the MTA 0.6/Blue client(s) for GTA 3/VC if you had many, many users interested in it again. You previously said that if a large interest were to spark up again in it's favor, you would consider beginning development on the GTA 3/VC client area for Multi Theft Auto. If you are still willing to fulfill this pledge to your fans and users everywhere, please let me know right away. I have a surprise for you that may change your minds and persuade you into starting the development again. :)

Please, regular users, do NOT post comments in this thread unless requested to do so. I'm looking strictly for the MTA Teams opinions on this before I have you guys throw in your two cents.

Faithful fan and user as always,

SugarD-x / [LA]-SugarD / TeaM-SugarD / Tech-SugarD

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I would like to see the VC/3 release too, but community is not that interested in it anymore, except some individuals, it would be worthless to spend other months working back on 0.x when even the current release for SA isnt as stable as it should be. The blue core has been started in 0.x times yeh, but has been rewritten so many times since then.

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I really need to get this released. Been something like 10 months since I began work on it.

There aren't many players still playing VC but those who are probably love the game and will continue to play it. My update's done so might as well release it, otherwise all that work will have gone to waste. Wish I had done this update two years ago when there were significantly more players.

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I’m not going to blabber on about the situation because I’ve expressed my opinion before but I would support the release of Towncivilian’s update, along with others. A note of gratification on the website would ensure that there are people out there who would still like a crack of the old game. It would certainly take some weight of the shoulder for the meantime, but then again, has time really run out for that?

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I've signed in this petition.

Dear MTA team.

Dont forget about GTA3 and VC players and update this old MTA0.5. It's still the best multiplayer for me, but i dont play it anymore, because servers browser doesnt work. If servers browser doesnt work, new players dont play it. If there are no players - there are no servers. If there are no servers - the multi is dead. Then move your asses and update your best work ever!

PS. MTA:SA dm s*cks.

PS2. MTA:VC/GTA3 rocks

Greetings for GTA:SA haters and GTA3/VC lovers.


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I am against this.

Why do you want a update to VC and GTA3?

I believe the GTA3 map has been ported to a SA map version and uses the SA engine and MTA:SA engine. VC Im not sure of.

But why do you want to use a older and worse engine?

It's really fun you know, it's not the fact that it's older that takes away my gameplay experience in VC and III. Ah, the memories :)

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*bump bump*

Come on guys, please... there are still members (some who are silent) who still want to see the MTA:VC Section of the GTA Multiplayer community as progressing instead of dead. Just because there's GTA:SA with all the jazz and high-tech features and etc, doesnt mean Vice City should be forgotten. One community of 1000+ players is all that keeps MTA:VC from being dead forever.

Please, make a new MTA:VC Version and bring VC back to life (VC:MP has too much crashes)!

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I agree. This community is growing desperate as well. There are numerous topics floating around, a few of which I started, on their community site/forums that discuss how we can save MTA:VC from going down the toilet. I know you guys are focusing on MTA:SA, but if there's any way you can pull a meeting together and agree on open-sourcing it for now, that'd be awesome. After MTA:SA's completion you could consider bringing it back then as well, which I really hope you'll do. Please...the MTA:GTA 3 community is practically dead and MTA:VC is nearing that status as well. Bring VC back, and GTA 3 if you can as well. :)

Examples of these discussions:



http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/ ... ?mtab1u3&1

http://clanxperience.ulmb.com/forums/vi ... p?f=1&t=61

http://www.xoxideforums.com/multi-playe ... -auto.html

Off-topic: Hey JDC.

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191 sigs on the petition now!

Come on guys...this is ridiculous! Either announce that you will try to eventually work on it when you have the time, or open source it so the rest of the world doesn't get bored with San Andreas anymore! :D

Seriously though guys, please. From a true GTA fan to another, I'm begging you, please let the good old days make a revival. Blizzard Entertainment took 10 years, but finally brought back the StarCraft game series, and you guys are breaking 5 years already. Don't pull a Blizzard...bring back MTA for GTA: VC and GTA 3! Your fans are begging for it!

If you open source, they will update...!

If you update, they will play...!

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I so badly wish.

If anyone wants to get in contact with [LCK]Stoku, there may be a chance of it happening so long as GTA 3 is included with the VC version of the Blue Core. I'm pretty sure he can code, and he's about to start his own project for a GTA 3 multiplayer program.

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