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  1. Death most likely. Seems that way. It was a good project while it lasted.
  2. I just wanna know where this leaves the future of MTA:SA
  3. riahc3

    Play at 1920 x 1080?

    Nice tool Here is the log:
  4. riahc3

    Play at 1920 x 1080?

    Hello I want to play MTA at 1920 x 1080 but I set the option in MTA and it doesnt not work. Opens SA and opens to a black screen. In SA the option for that resolution is not avaliable. How do I do it?
  5. I dont see it too resolved as Ive been to about 3-4 servers today and there are enough cheaters that make the server unplayable or unenjoyable.
  6. Hey The cheating on MTA is becoming simply unbearable. I believe this topic should be for ideas on how to prevent it. A quick one off the top of my head would be a ID/signing method. Each time MTA is installed (yes, I know uninstalling would be simple but it would be time consuming every time you are banned and have to uninstall and reinstall), MTA generates a ID. That ID is not only signed by MTA but is signed INTO the gtasa.exe executable. If you are banned from ANY server for cheating, that ID (and the .exe) is not allowed to enter any servers. If the ID and the sig in the gtasa.exe do not match, you cannot enter either. Another solution would registring into the MTA site itself. Would also make everything more "Steamlike" but MTA devs can view cheating methods and boot automatically from servers, learn from the cheating methods and implant anticheats, etc. Also this would ban you from the site itself which instalation could be numered uniquely so even though it is downloaded from another site, it cant be used as it is not the next unique instal in the list. Another, this the most expensive one, would be bots. Every server would have a bot. If there is a cheater reported, the server picks up the details from the cheater (IP, MAC, username, memory details, etc) and MTA can view it to learn from it. The MTA team problably thought most of these out but giving ideas doesnt hurt. Lets hope there is less and less cheating in MTA.
  7. I am against this. Why do you want a update to VC and GTA3? I believe the GTA3 map has been ported to a SA map version and uses the SA engine and MTA:SA engine. VC Im not sure of. But why do you want to use a older and worse engine?
  8. I think all windows rendered should have a Min, Max and Close buttons. Make it alot easier to navigate and if you want to leave (for example) the map floating around, you can do it
  9. I think there should be PM windows so you can hit Tab, double click on someone in the list, and PM them personally so you dont fill the general with carbage. Too many crowded windows? Thats another topic...
  10. Why does it disable Aero when the GTA Windowed mod doesnt?
  11. WOW Alot of talk about this. My personal opinion: MTA will continue development with GTA SA. They wont even try to touch GTAIV.
  12. Is MTA and the GTA Windowed mod compatible? I was playing with a few members and they told me they were running in window mode. How do I get it to work?
  13. The build in MP has only static gamemodes, so I prefer MTA above GTA IV MP. Mods for PC will problably fix it. Im just talking about the netplay code.
  14. So now that GTA4 has been announced for PC with online multiplayer, whats the future for MTA?
  15. No pausing and make a spectator mode....It would be the best "pause" method ever..
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