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    Camera Mouse Freezing

    Have you tried updating your DirectX to the latest version? http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=2DA43D38-DB71-4C1B-BC6A-9B6652CD92A3&displaylang=en Gettin the latest drivers for your graphic card might also be worth of trying.
  2. One of CJ's girlfriends is a cop - but I guess that's one of the missing/story-related skins. Hopefully you're right. I just read about a medic girlfriend too, hopefully she will be one of the new skins aswell.
  3. Does anybody know if there's any female police character (apart from the stripper) that could be added as a playable skin?
  4. I'm not a programmer so I really can't say for sure, but I suppose it wouldn't require that much of work to compile a new version of MTA:VC containing Towncivilian's update + a server browser fix? As I mentioned earlier, an update like this would definitely help to recover the MTA:VC community. At the moment it must be extremely hard and tricky for new players to get involved into MTA:VC gaming due to the lack of a working server browser so a working server browser would be the step number 1 in my opinion. Then the volunteer guys could work in peace with the new MTA:VC while others could keep enjoying the old MTA:VC with the minor update.
  5. How about starting off by releasing an updated version of MTA:VC, simply just containing the unofficial update made by Towncivilian and a fix for the server browser? I'm sure this alone would be good for now since new players would be able to find servers to play easily again while oldschoolers would enjoy the new things brought to them by Towncivilian's work. After this the volunteers could possibly start concentrating on a MTA:VC version based on the MTA:SA source...
  6. Sorry for bringing this up but I just noticed that one section in the forums is still called "MTA:San Andreas Deathmatch". Should the "Deathmatch" maybe be removed from there too?
  7. This issue seems to be fixed for me at least in the latest r664 nightly (didn't try the one before).
  8. Kaltsu

    Problem With Nightly

    https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=24459 Similar thing happend to this guy but i didint find the answer there. So if someone know's something about it please post it here. I don't know, but why did you download MTA:SA DP2.3 first? It's not really needed in case you want to run nightly only. If you want to have DP2.3 and nightly side by side, then install nightly to another directory (e.g. C:\Program files\MTA San Andreas (nightly)) and DP2.3 to the default one. Have you got Windows Vista or 7? In that case try running the installer and nightly with admin priviledges (right click on file and choose corresponding option). I also recommend downloading and installing: - The latest DirectX updates - The latest Visual C++ runtimes for 32-bit or 64-bit systems
  9. I'm experiencing exactly the same problem as Copkilla here. The problem appeared when I updated my nightly. Can't remember from which revision to which but recently. Just tried the latest build (r647) and at least that didn't solve the issue.
  10. This is what lucasc190 noted in the Mantis report (http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=4120). I can't really say much about this, since I'm not very experienced in scripting etc. but at least to me this looks like somekind of a step forward... ( )
  11. I've tested VCO but I must say that I guess I'd personally prefer playing a MTA:VC update rather than VCO.
  12. How about you go here, and read everything again with care: http://code.google.com/p/multitheftauto/wiki/NightlyBuilds Especially concentrate on the Download the run dependencies -part.
  13. Really? Damn, that's really good news then!
  14. That's what I've been doing, but some users might accidentally mess up their DP2.3 installation by installing nightly to the same folder, since the nightly installer uses the same folder by default.
  15. The traffic lights change in turns, depending if they are pointing more towards North/South or more towards West/East. No matter where in the map the light is located, they still change at the same time depending on their direction (tested in Map Editor). So basically there are 2 different sets of traffic lights that would need to be synced. Here is the timeline for the loop: 0:00 - Set 1 turns green / Set 2 stays red 0:12 - Set 1 turns red / Set 2 turns green 0:22 - Set 2 turns red / Set 1 stays red 0:31 - Set 1 turns green / Set 2 stays red Total: 31 seconds * Set 1 = Pointing towards North/South * Set 2 = Pointing towards West/East Both of the lights stay red for the last 9 seconds of the loop, because that's the only period in the loop when the pedestrian lights for both sets turn white. However, at the moment it seems that the sync of the traffic lights between two players depends on their FPS.
  16. I think it would be good to set something like C:\Program files\MTA San Andreas (nightly) as the default installation folder for the nightly builds installer, so there wouldn't be any conflicts accidentally with people who already have DP2.3 installed.
  17. Damn, you guys really know how to make these great, detailed updates. Keep up the good work!
  18. I've been experiencing the same problem sometimes aswell, but not very often. Logging out and back in does the trick.
  19. Kaltsu


    Hi, You can use Game-Monitor.com to find MTA servers for GTA3 and Vice City.
  20. I guess the biggest advantage with a VoIP solution implemented to MTA:SA would be the possibility to limit the voice-chat depending on the player positions. For example, the local chat feature of roleplaying servers could be used in voice too if the voice-chat radius could be set. With some 3rd party VoIP solution this is not possible, since I doubt there is any way for any external VOiP software to receive player data from the game server and limit the voice-chat based on that. TeamSpeak 3, which is on its way, will have some support for 3rd party plugins but I don't know if even this can be used to retrieve player location data from game and limit the voice-chat radius that way.
  21. Game-Monitor.com However, I think (too) that you should really consider limiting your MTA:VC related posts a bit. Of course it's nice to see that there are still active people in MTA:VC but don't think you are alone, there are also other guys around here still who would gladly like to see an update for MTA:VC, guys like Towncivilian and me for example. We've discussed the MTA:VC situation before, we know what we've been told and we know that the best thing to do now is just to wait patiently.
  22. I totally agree with the previous posters. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.0 aka MTA:SA 1.0 would be the best way of naming in my opinion.
  23. There is no reason to keep playing on Race because MTA:DM has race too in it (the race resource tho) Well i know that but that's what people are really doing! Why do you think new comers that prefer race download race thinking that race is better but in fact its old and outdated. I think that 1.0 should be called 'Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.0' instead of 'Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas DeathMatch1.0' I totally agree with this, since it would be a lot better description for the mod in general. Nowadays there are Race, RPG, Freeroam, Deathmatch servers etc. so the word "Deathmatch" doesn't really cover all of them.
  24. Hope they figure out a way to keep the game running in the background even when minimized, since the ALT+TAB feature really has demand. I guess it should be possible to find some way, since in SA:MP it's working ( ).
  25. Yeah, simple as that with the cost of desync....
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