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What Operating System Do You Run? (Primary OS)


What Operating System Do You Run? (Primary OS)  

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  1. 1. What Operating System Do You Run? (Primary OS)

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Linux (With WINE)
    • Linux (Without WINE)
    • OS X
    • Older than Windows XP
    • Not Listed (Please post)

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No Windows 2003 as part of the default poll. disgrace.

Because there aren't enough retarded people who run Win2k3 for it to be part of the poll lol.

Win2k3 was useful only to those who had a purpose for it. :roll:

XP is universal. and owns vista. :mrgreen:

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I have Vista running on my lap top for school.

So far I found that my Ipod does not work with it at all.. which is quite understandable considering Ipod is not a particular WIDE SPREAD PIECE OF HARDWARE.

So later I read that Apple had stated you risked corrupting your Ipod using vista LOL

And when I try to copy/paste text in the Internet browser, it crashes instantly, every goddamn time. I also love how they redesigned everything for no reason and having to click okay" 4 times to create a new folder is a ball

That's not even mentioning the performance issues everyone should be acquaint with

Also, last week I read a review of Assassins Creed PC version over on IGN and they said they weren't able to install it on vista rofl


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