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  1. Happy New Year MTA community!!! Just built myself a new computer and can't wait to start playing MTA again
  2. Sweet! Making the top 100 is a good start, good job MTA! I suggest posting this topic at other big GTA community websites, such as GTA garage and GTA Stunting, and... dare I say the SA-MP website? I'm sure there are plenty of others, that's just the biggest ones I know of, cheers
  3. Sweet! Making the top 100 is a good start, good job MTA! I suggest posting this topic at other big GTA community websites, such as GTA garage and GTA Stunting, and... dare I say the SA-MP website? I'm sure there are plenty of others, that's just the biggest ones I know of, cheers
  4. Cool! Perfect timing for me, since I home for a long weekend and I might actually get to try this before september now
  5. It is! I got it to work by following this topic's method: LINK
  6. Great update, the map editor looks so awesome A suggestion to the team would be to update your ModDB page adding this video to show the progress, and maybe renaming it to MTASA 1.0 as to not confuse newcomers or people who are just checking out the mod at the site. Keep it up, can't wait to play 1.0!
  7. Oh right, forgot about the lack of joypad support in DM (I'm a keyboard man myself ). I haven't noticed those bursts myself but I can see how annoying they would be
  8. TD_Mystic, The race mode in DM was really bad when it was first released and Race 1.1.1 did everything much better then, but have you tried the race script in DM recently? Pothole Studios in particular runs incredibly well, just as good as race 1.1.1 imo (except for maybe a few hiccups with spawning on rare occasions). Really, the only thing I think 1.1.1 has over DM now is the map editor, and the fact the race takes a lot less resources to run on a PC. ( which is why I have race/sa-mp installed on this old desktop of mine )
  9. Having two programs installed won't create any mess, will that? Just because SA-MP is installed, it doesn't affect MTA. SA-MP only affects the game when it's running. And you can't run SA-MP and MTA on the same GTA SA process at the same time Yeah I've always had sa-mp and MTA mods installed both at the same time and they have NEVER conflicted with each other. Aren't there commands in MTA console to make your HUD stuff invisible/visible? try using those commands to make it visible again.
  10. So it's possible, but basically unpractical? I have enough trouble running MTA with my machine as it is What about a flying spectator camera? like in the race editor? would that have the same issue since you are moving so fast? But I'm guessing that was done much differently than if it would be scripted?
  11. I was wondering if it would be hard to place the camera to a player so you can walk around like in an FPS game, and wonder how well it would work, or if it would be awkward So has anyone ever tried this before? I'm posting here instead of making a new topic
  12. Looks pretty cool, would be awesome if it could be manually piloted by a player
  13. Try it with this instead HTTrack. It's what I used when I couldn't get google gear to work and it worked very well
  14. Magus1724

    Season's Greetings

    And this, class, is what is normally referred to as an ingrate. Where are your contributions? Hoping for DM v1 to be released then and getting disappointed is understandable, due to the community getting almost no info, but now, the whole thing is open and you can keep track of changes as they happen. Did you expect the progress to jump from 43% to 100% overnight? Nobody told you you'd be getting 1.0 for christmas, and if they did, they were full of sh1t. Well said, it's one thing to be disappointed when hoping for something, but this guy is just a selfish brat. And it's spelled interest nub!
  15. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Just some quick questions though, why won't it work on DP2? And are the nightly builds stable? I'd download the nightly builds only if they are stable, because I'm not exactly a programmer/scripter, but just know how to host a server
  16. Could be quite good for the progress of the mod, but could it also mean that there might be a craploads of different MTA versions and editions? If so, it might confuse some of the newcomers to the community
  17. Agreed, I kinda like assault and interstate. I would have hosted it. IF my server would still work for online use... -.- But if there's a new server for assault or interstate I won't notice it soon anyway. My serverbrowser in-game broke for some reason... -.- Anyway, so who's going to host em? ^^ Here's a nice alternative o your server browser for now: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?game=mta It'd be nice just having 'random' servers that let you votemode for whatever mode you want, I remember when DP1 first came out I'd go on servers and vote for a mode I wanted to play. If enough votes were cast it would change
  18. About Interstate 69, how come there is not a single server that hosts it?! I think it really sucks that there aren't many varied gamemodes in MTA server for the most part (there are some awesome servers though). I'd like to see some Assault and other sweet modes too, but they aren't even around anymore btw, themerchant8, your name sounds familiar, do you play UT? I think that's were I recognize it from, but not sure
  19. Nice vids man, your server changed a lot since I first played there
  20. How can you get a max file descriptor if you don't have any connection? I wouldn't know, I don't even know what 'max file descriptor' means So what would error 28 stand for then?
  21. So if you get error 28 would that basically be 2 and 8 combined? I had a problem yesterday where I got the error once and then all the time after, but I went and deleted the script it was trying to get from my resources folder, and then the next time I tried it worked So that could be a partial solution
  22. Yep, you hit the nail on the head! I didn't know you could record stuff from Xfire (haven't used it in a while) but I did find 1 that seems pretty decent (for free). It's called wegame. I'll have to check San Andreas Studios out, since a few of the ideas I have, I might do in single player SA anyways I said machinima pack, but I think i will rename it to 'filming package' because it is much broader and the package could be useful for stunt compilations and other types of movies too.
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