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San Andreas vid...watch it ;)


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The introduction to the video was good, nice scenery being shown.

The tricks on the cars and motorbikes were quite moderate, nothing special.

The flying however was amazing, espically going through some tight angles and corners, aswell as going through the tunnels at quite high speed and not crashing was also impressive.

Indeed a nice video to watch.

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Good job on that movie! :)

It looks very nice, and you're a good pilot. I thought my tunnel flying was great, but you do the same tunnels upside down ;). I fly in 1st person though.

A few critics though:

* It's a bit too long. Some of the content could be filtered out.

* The warp back effects used some places in the video are annoying, they shouln't be there.

* Don't try running clips in slow motion when the captured framerate is that low. You need to capture at atleast 50 fps to show half speed slowmo smoothly.

Overall it's great ;).

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Mmm.. my comment was deleted? Hell, maybe there was a backup or something. Anyway, great vid, loved the music. Next time you could remove the hud in all clips, but hell, the plane parts were great.

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