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  1. And it's also not that usefull. There will be enough bugs left and when you want to work with patches, you'll get the 10.0 patch fast enough, and people wont download all the time a new client, some of them are to stupid how to do it, and it's also not nice to release a game with a buggy gameplay, they know how it was with MTA VC so all they want to do is make it fully integrated now. People want to be succesfull and get compliments for what they do, instead of complaints. right?
  2. NapsK

    Your MTA History!

    Oh my... Started with a own clan with a friend for a couple of weeks. That was in 0.4 somewhere.. (I allready lost the name because it's a long time ago lol.) I left it and joined [TtT] and then became [TTH], got leader of TtT, admin rights bla bla etc. After a while made a new stunt crew, SOM, with a good mate. (Didn't leave TTH ofc.) After that I've been playing wars with/for: TLR, XE and some other little clans.
  3. NapsK

    Missing the old days... :(

    *cough* 0.3 ~ 0.4 I don't really care, 0.5 was good enough to enjoy myself for a while.
  4. NapsK

    Missing the old days... :(

    Most players will remember me back in the good old 0.5 days.
  5. Anyways, the organisation is made before making something up, so it's clear you make a planning of a good organisation before building up your progress. If I'm not mistaking then.
  6. Ok, sorry for the late reaction, good luck. Cya
  7. GTA VC, it was more succes (in my eyes) than GTA SA.
  8. Wish you could also make headshots with a shotty, like other mp games like CSS and COD. But whats about the shotgun? Spaz sucked in my eyes, the shotgun is easy to control if you just learn the basic facts of how it going with the bugs in mta.
  9. True. SA-MP is just set into each other by a group people who DO know how to make a proper multiplayer game, although it's going to quick, what's causing several bugs just like MTA 0.5 (and the other versions). I don't really care if they don't tell us every day how they develope MTA:SA DM, but I just want to ensure they let us know whats going on, the important updates, whats been added. Although it is a long time waiting, we will ensure that it will be 1000 times better than SA-MP. Personally, I really don't like SA-MP. Can't get used at the gameplay, so I'm staying here to see whats happening, and it will turn out pretty well I think.
  10. You mean you GTA version? I hope I'm not mistaking, but thats just 1.0. If you've installed a patch for it, it will be 1.1. That's really easy, so then you start the MTA 0.5 client -> options and put it on the right version. I hope you mean this.
  11. Thats true, it's nice to see people still want improvement, but yea, it really simple. If people don't like the game anymore, they go over to another game they do like, and don't come back that easly. It's a pitty in my eyes, there were sucha great times in MTA VC. But ah well, I cannot say more about it, I hope for those who're still giving any attempt of new synch and weapons etc, good luck.
  12. It's always try-able when you do have Vista, so....
  13. My opinion is, how nice MTA could be, was, or whatever, I think people should have came earlier with updates and fixes. Who would still play when MTA:SA is in the air? And I don't want to fuck things up, or saying this is completely bullshit, but the reason why I mention, is that MTA is almost empty, so why should there be a waste of time now, everyone is allready known at the gameplay of the bugs who are still in MTA. And not all people are seeing each others bugs, so I wonder if this will work out properly. Still, I appreciate it for those who are still trying.
  14. NapsK

    Which is the best MTA?

    Would be nice if the DM is out before I am old.
  15. Maybe its also handy to post ur other hardware configuration to know which quality is to low for the game.
  16. It's better to remove it all, and begin with a fresh install of GTA I think..
  17. NapsK


    Semi, why wasn't it in MTA:VC 0.5?
  18. Thinks thats 1 thing that will be inplanted in the DM for sure..
  19. I hope you have better grammar than this And ehh.. Kissing is a bit to basicly and boring if you'd ask me..
  20. True.. They're just making a quickly release, to show the people what they're exactly made of.. Although MTA is trying to synch is step by step, what will be obviously better, in my eyes.. But yes, think people already talked about this for a billion time..
  21. Make the best of it..
  22. NapsK

    Teh minor problemz.

    Or don't visit to much porn sites.. =p
  23. NapsK


    Oh, yeah.. Well, nvm then..
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