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  1. dis works with mtasa i guess right?
  2. {CE}EyeZ


    Wtf if you can read the fine print it says, MTA BLUE © Copyright 2003-2004 Multitheftauto Grand Theft Auto Vice City Copyright Rockstar North And all i was wondering is WTF 2003-2004???????
  3. No this guy told me when i was a admin in server that he would hunt me down thro my ip and *Beat me up* supposvely Iv been on here for a long time & i dont have a problem with no-one!
  4. Awww poor theoden getting mad ? Little Baby want his doudou?
  5. why lolare you getting mad little baby?
  6. is it scripting war's month?
  7. Really good idea's but... Do we really want to enjoy your game style with like firey hell water i prefer not. And kissing why would i want to go to a player who is a girl and kiss the player knowing they might be some old Dude/or/tranie on the other side of the screen getting his jollie's of pretending to do something like that Well that is what i think and sex hot coffe? It is called a real person you know that opisite sex of the male the,, { FEMALE Also Known as a GIRL!!!! } Do you have a girlfriend to have sex with or you just go and play gta sa and get your jollie's of having S*E*X with Animated girl's. wierd well there ya go
  8. {CE}EyeZ

    IS IT A BUG?

    Ok first check if your Anti-Virus program's are blocking it & 2nd are you on a router? did you use to connect to it before? maybe your router is blocking you from accessing mta server's ?
  9. if a pixie jumped out and starting humping me i would pull out me stubby & blow it's ass away!!>>>>>>>>>>
  10. Well i tryed it the button's Do Not Work!!! when i try to click them they don't do sqaut!
  11. OMG IT DOESNT WORK & why would people get help for a easy script like !hello on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !hello) { mta.say $1 Hello all! } }
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