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    A stunting video with everything except bike and taxi stunts. Stunting By: Kaneda, Dannye, Neo, Madmax, Samurai & Brulla Editing By: Samurai Lagoon HQ - MegaUpload Lagoon MQ - TGA Lagoon LQ - Youtube Enjoy.
  2. Brulla


    Haha, too bad you're wrong. No mods which would of made the stunts easier were used in this video. Thanks to the others for the nice comments
  3. Brulla


    A collaboration featuring car, boat, tank and skimmer stunts. Bikes were off limits with this one Stunting By: Brulla & Dannye Editing By: Dannye Tandem HQ - TGA Tandem HQ & Streaming- Filefront Tandem LQ - Youtube Enjoy.
  4. Brulla


    To be specific, what stunts did you think were modded?
  5. Brulla


    *Awaits the "omfg look at the size" comments*
  6. I dont really like the idea. It would just be a massive fragging session. The old gw's are stylish ( Well they used to be, until mtavc community went down the drain ). Possession isn't really made for "official" playing, im afraid to say. Btw, I had the same idea 2 years ago ( Actually almost the exact same rules o_O) when I started to advertise possession. But I quickly ditched the idea cause after I thought about it, it didnt seem really great.
  7. Brulla


    Yes boro it does. Its almost as big of a problem in stunting world than it is in the MTA scene. You can get more advantage with fl off, which is lame. Its frown uponed at gtas as it is in here. There was no fl off usage in this video
  8. Brulla


    Yes, trainers were used, but only infine health,teleporter and features like that. There were no cheats used which would of made the stunts easier
  9. Brulla


    Thank you for the nice comments
  10. Brulla


    I thought about posting this here cause this is a bit unique stunt video. All the stunts have been performed with cars. Thats right, no bikes involved on this. Hope you enjoy: Diversus HQ - Filefront Diversus MQ - TGA Diversus MQ - Filefront Diversus LQ - Putfile Stunting By Brulla & Aenima , Editing By Aenima.
  11. "Elite Players" I second Ransom and Boro. Im gonna pass on this.
  12. Brulla

    TS - ROT

    Go download it already ! Its a good video
  13. Yeah, definitely a video worth of downloading
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