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Found 12 results

  1. so I'm a fresh install here, I've been trying to play all day but this anti cheat has been making me troubles. I try to connect to a server then I'm kicked, I thought maybe if I delete the cheat sheet and trainer that's meant for offline it'd do something, but that only made it so when I connect to a server I download 50mg of data and then I get kicked. here is the mtaDIAG: www.pastebin.mtasa.com/999999215 I am afraid to do a boot scan since my friend tells me that it will definitely remove the whole game however I have done a sfc/scannow and it didnt find anything bad
  2. I can't listen to other players correctely, since their audio lags/don't play, i am certain that it is not a connection problem, since when im roaming around the city, the game runs fine, and i also can't play music in my car
  3. could someone help me? I start the MTA, it loads more, the screen does not appear, I have reinstalled it too and it did not work, what can it be? https://pastebin.mtasa.com/455823672 I don't know if that can help I followed that step too https://upload.mtasa.com/u/846096373/Logfile.PML_ it doesn't show any error screens either, I've used malwerebytes, I've reinstalled C ++ and nothing, I can't even play GTA SA I click to start and it won't open, I downloaded the original rockstar games launcher, I've also tried with others from internet and does not work https://imgur.com/a/JpKHSnN I don't know if that can help because it's in Portuguese too, I pulled the PC log on the error my nick in Discord Ismael cu de barro#9414 after this screen nothing happens anymore https://imgur.com/ZBy8WUd
  4. Hello, I had a small question about the possibility to have my server in the top 20. There is a option to pay 12 dollar to promote your server, however, when i want to do it, it sais there is a waiting list and my server is on nr 942. Is this still active or is this function something from the past? Gr. Hazy.
  5. Can you give me a code to take a car from a button in a window? Meaning, I want to press button 1 and take a car. pleaseee in arabic : شباب ممكن كود يعني اضغط على زر من نافذة ويعطيني سيارة . بيللييز
  6. Guys when i open the game from steam, everything works fine but when I open it from mta client it says that cannot find my audio card. Plz help me fix this i have already installed the latest drivers and I don't know what to do. "Grand Theft Auto SA cannot find Audio card installed" My MTA Diag results: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/796172962
  7. I can't see "Fuel" type, can anyone help me?, I'm sorry if I made a mistake, I am new here. SurvivorSystem_client.lua;
  8. i deleted a world object, and i mapped to the world object's place, but how to fix this bug: https://imgur.com/a/VAEqOKy ?? :s
  9. hey, i am trying to make a race server. its going pretty good. but i play with my brother. so (2 people) and if one dies.. the game will end and it will select a new map. how can i make it so the game only ends when the hunter is reached? thanks!
  10. My Resources Do Not Load On My Server, I'm With 216 Resources, And My Last 2 Do not Load, I Need Help, It's All Right In It, With the .lua file and the meta.xml file please help me By: Troken_XD
  11. Ola, Preciso De Uma Ajudinha Pra Saber Como Posso Fazer O Segundo Painel Parar De Sumir E Menos De 1 Segundo Quero Que Ele Nn Suma Fique Aberto, function Test1() dxDrawRectangle(x*94, y*261, x*167, y*26, tocolor(0, 0, color1, alfa), false) end VTR = guiCreateButton( x*94, y*261, x*167, y*26, "", false ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",VTR,function() VTRS() end) function VTRS() dxDrawRectangle(273, 260, 138, 179, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 152), false) end
  12. Hi there, So, before I got my new computer, I was running windows 7 and I would always use the 1920x1080x16 resolution option as using x32 resulted in lower frame rates. However, I've got a new one now and I'm running windows 10 instead. As such, there's only a bunch of x32 resolution settings showing in the options. To get around this, I changed the color mode of the MTA exe to x16, and the other resolutions were now showing. I changed it, restarted the game and it worked fine, however, every time I do this, mta automatically reverts my compatibility changes as if I'd never touched them, and I can't figure out why. I've tried running it as an admin, and I even have the "Run as Admin" box checked, and it reverts that back as well. I'm capable of using x32 resolutions now, but I'd rather not because x16 is a lot more comfortable for me. Any responses/ideas would be immensely appreciated.
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