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Found 5 results

  1. I can't listen to other players correctely, since their audio lags/don't play, i am certain that it is not a connection problem, since when im roaming around the city, the game runs fine, and i also can't play music in my car
  2. So i installed MTA and i have no sound. My sound drivers are up to date and i don't understand the problem. I did download another exe to replace my Steams GTA SA exe because MTA doesn't allow a steam version of GTA SA. I did install MTADiag and it gave me this link : https://pastebin.mtasa.com/821493090 PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
  3. Hello guys. When I try open MTA I got an error like this. But normal (single player) GTA SA have not this problem. I can play normally. Please I want play MTA. https://prntscr.com/n7yclf
  4. Buenas Pasa que hace poco instale MTA:SA y cuando inicie el juego, el audio no funcionaba, ni en el menu ni tampoco en cualquier servidor Me funciona el audio bien en el GTA:SA, incluso he reinstalado 2 veces el GTA:SA (por el conocido tutorial de theManes7) y 3 veces el MTA:SA, sin embargo el sonido del juego sigue sin funcionar. Probé con el altavoz y con distintos audífonos y seguía sin funcionar (este problema solo ocurre en MTA, en ningún otro programa) Tengo windows 10 El problema no creo que sea mi PC ya que había jugado antes a MTA con el mismo equipo, pero con una versión mas antigua de Windows y me corría perfectamente el audio (poseía Windows 8.1 en ese entonces para ser exacto) ¿Alguien sabe que puedo hacer?¿Será Windows 10?
  5. Everything was working fine until my PC broke, and then I had to get it fixed plus a new fresh windows. The C drive was completely reset and D and E files were still there (including GTA SA and MTA SA). I see this X sign on volume icon on the bottom right which says "No speakers or headphones plugged in". When I try running GTA SA, it says "GTA SA can not find audio card installed" and when I try to run MTA SA, it says "MTA SA was not installed properly, please reinstall." Any help regarding this issue? Thanks.
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