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Found 9 results

  1. VF #33 Server blocks NetLimiter software (anti-lagswitch) Whichever server I do not go, everywhere kicks out with this reason. MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/6839811676 I've already looked at several solutions, none have helped. I had the program NetLimiter, I uninstalled it, restarted the computer - did not help. I tried to find cFosSpeed, KillerNet, etc., but I could not find any such program. Any other ways to solve it?
  2. VF #33 Server blocks NetLimiter software (anti-lagswitch) На какой бы сервер я не заходил, везде выкидывает с этой причиной. MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/6839811676 Я уже просмотрел несколько решений, ни одно не помогло. У меня стояла программа NetLimiter, я ее удалил, перезагрузил компьютер - не помогло. Пытался найти cFosSpeed, KillerNet и т.д., но такой программы не нашел. Может есть еще какие-нибудь способы решения проблемы?
  3. Let's talk script security. It might be a taboo topic for some but it shouldn't, at all. In fact, the more people talk about this and unite to discuss and create robust, safe and well-coded scripts, the better the MTA resource development community will be. Rules: Main article: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Script_security The key points are there, but the code examples don't suffice, and the implementations will vary depending on the gamemode and resources. Pinned information: Coming soon Notes: - I'm not perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Please correct me when I'm wrong. - Eventually if this becomes a popular topic, I am willing to incorporate translations of certain explanations into other languages in this OP, as I know a majority of the MTA community doesn't master the English language and prefers to communicate and read in other languages.
  4. Hello. Reshade doesn't work. When entering the server and after a couple of minutes of the game, it kicks with a reason to delete the reshade. The project/server authors say reshade is allowed. But it doesn't work. Please correct. In the screenshot, the reason for the kick is as follows: Disconnection [CD46] Disconnection: (AC #4 SECURITY VIOLATION / UNINSTALL RESHADE) kicked you translated by google
  5. so I'm a fresh install here, I've been trying to play all day but this anti cheat has been making me troubles. I try to connect to a server then I'm kicked, I thought maybe if I delete the cheat sheet and trainer that's meant for offline it'd do something, but that only made it so when I connect to a server I download 50mg of data and then I get kicked. here is the mtaDIAG: www.pastebin.mtasa.com/999999215 I am afraid to do a boot scan since my friend tells me that it will definitely remove the whole game however I have done a sfc/scannow and it didnt find anything bad
  6. Kicked because of i have missing anticheat components pastebin: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/121205153
  7. Hello. Most servers kick me out of the game then display this error: To note: i tried reinstalling both MTA and GTA SA. I do have IDA PRO, Cheat Engine and MSVC installed but were not open. Here is the Mtalog as suggested by one member in Discord: Pastebin MTALog
  8. Hello, Today i was testing some scripts on a local server and suddenly i got kicked from the server with error code [CD48]. I thought maybe my pc is making some problem so i restarted it, but still it gave same error. I tried different online servers but unfortunately got the same error in all of them. The window which appears says that, "You have been kicked from the server SD #5 OANE. Please ensure no other program is modifying the game". I checked task manager to check if any program is interfering with the game, but found none. Kindly help me out on this one because i cant figure out the problem. Regards, Mubeen
  9. Все ваши действия с галаретками и прочими "неуловимыми" читами от cff отслеживаются античитом. Про красивую карту, землетрясение, вылет из мта, подвисший компьютер, нипанятнае низашто, великую китайскую стену, младшего брата, маму, самого Бога и прочих, кто, скачал и установил читы можете рассказывать своим друзьям. Тут берега путать не надо. Тут все ваши действия с поиском палаток и игроков через стены отслеживают давно. За огнетушителем можете обращаться ко мне.
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