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Found 18 results

  1. Hello dear friends, I had an idea to create some idea related to the rotation of the element, let's say the dxDrawRectangle of the plate by 180 degrees and at the same time with a clear rotation effect! below is an example, this effect is needed on the player's reflection of this plate, namely on the screen on the graphic design, and not in the world, if you understand me of course
  2. Hello, I would like to know how to set npc rotation towards the player (To NPC just look at the player) preferably using the command "getElementPosition" (client resource)
  3. I decided to dive into the world of rotations. I know this might be incomplete and even incorrect: function openCapo() local theVeh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local value1 = guiScrollBarGetScrollPosition(caposcroll) if theVeh and value1 then setVehicleComponentRotation (theVeh, bonnet_dummy, value1, rY, rZ) end end I've a GUI already created, and the visibility key bound. The first scrollbar (caposcroll) should affect the bonnet_dummy. This was made with absolute basic thinking process: "if I want doors to open, I need to get the position of the scrollbar". However, I know I still need to tell the game what's the math.min, what's the math.max, and, I think, to also give the order to respond only when the scrollbar is moved. I would appreciate a finger to point me in the right direction.
  4. Olá senhores. Bom, estou precisando fazer um objeto apontar para outro como se ele estivesse fazendo um Look At. Mas não sei como calcular o ângulo da rotação Z com base nas posições. Exemplo. Objeto A está na posição 0, 0, 0. Objeto B está na posição 1, 1, 0. Ilustrações: Aplicando o Look At no Objeto A para o B, deve fazer o objeto A "mirar" no Objeto B, colocando a rotação Z do objeto A em 315. Mas como calculo isso? Obs: A rotação é com base nas posições, não importa a rotação do objB.
  5. Hello! I have question: "Is possible to create a rotation of image made by "dxDrawMaterialLine3D ?? "". Please fast return message.
  6. Hello forums! I've been working on a project of mine, and I'm in need of a function which is similar to getPositionFromElementOffset (scroll down to examples). I can't wrap my head around matrices at all, and I would love to have a similar function, but with rotations instead (getting a rotation offset from an element). Would someone be able to help me out? I'd be very thankful!
  7. I'm working on a type of RTS camera style and I encounter a problem. The camera can rotate on the same axis without problem, it can zoom and thats about it, but it needed to be looking at an element. Now I'm working on a freecam mode where by getting to the edges of the screen you can move to north, east, west or south. It is easy when the camera rotation is 0, because you know that the top of the screen will be allways X cardinal position, it looked something like this: local camSpeed = 0.2 local sx, sy = getCursorPosition() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(camElement) if sy == 0 then -- top setElementPosition(camElement, x, y-camSpeed, z) end if sy == 1 then -- down setElementPosition(camElement, x, y+camSpeed, z) end if sx == 0 then -- left setElementPosition(camElement, x+camSpeed, y, z) end if sx == 1 then -- right setElementPosition(camElement, x-camSpeed, y, z) end As I said, this works fine while my rotation is 0, but when I move to something like 180º, my now top of the screen will not go to the south but rather north, so it would move like my mouse was on the bottom of the screen. The question here is if there is a algorithm that i can use to determinate how much of X and how much of Y i need to add to the position of my camElement in order to go "up" or "down"... If you didn't get what I want yet, think of The Sims 3 for example, when you put your mouse on the top of your screen you go up, whatever your rotation is, it doesn't matter, you will always go up. With the code I have I can only go UP if im facing South, on the other hand if im facing North then when my mouse is on the TOP i will go DOWN instead of UP. Hope you can help me with this one, and thanks!
  8. Hello again, I'm trying to spawn the player onto an element. This element has a non-fixed rotation. I'm just wondering if the function getPointFromDistanceRotation isn't enough to do this? Player details can be found here and the ships details are here I'm currently using this snippet (to try) to get the explained result: addCommandHandler("boat", function(player, cmd) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) local _, _, r = getElementRotation(player) outputChatBox("player pos: "..x..","..y..","..z..","..r, player) local ship = createShip(x, y, z, r) -- returns model of pirateship local x, y, z = getElementPosition(ship) local _, _, r = getElementRotation(ship) outputChatBox("ship pos: "..x..","..y..","..z..","..r, player) local x, y = getPointFromDistanceRotation(x - 0.1, y - 2.7, 5, r) -- offset included outputChatBox("new player pos: "..x..","..y..","..z..","..r, player) setElementPosition(player, x, y, 43.7) end) What am I'm doing wrong? Do I need to calculate the offset coordinates extra? Greetings, Maurize
  9. Hi all, I'm in search for a component/library having positioning controls like on the pic shown. Here's a samp's "Attached object editor" screenshot, but I've seen the same solutions being 100% lua-implemented on several MTA (many of them were not that "professionally built") servers, this "editor mode" looked the same everywhere, so I guess there could be an open-source issue.
  10. hi guys i have a problem to set ped rotation like player rotation always i mean if you change yor rotation the ped change his rotation too sorry for bad English here is the code local pylonid = 2662 local pylon_x, pylon_y = 0, 0.5 local pylon_c, pylon_v = 0, 0 local pylonheight = 0 local pylonscale = 1.3 local function pylonHead(player, command) if not pylon or pylon == nil then local px, py, pz = getElementPosition( player ) pylon = createObject( pylonid, px, py, pz) attachElements(pylon, player, pylon_x-1, pylon_y, pylonheight, 0, 0, 180) setObjectScale( pylon, pylonscale ) setElementCollisionsEnabled( pylon, true ) myBlip = createBlipAttachedTo ( player, 19 ) ped = createPed( 105, px, py, pz) attachElements( ped, player, pylon_c-2, pylon_v, pylonheight) setPedAnimation(ped, "wuzi", "wuzi_walk") peda = createPed( 33, px, py, pz) attachElements( peda, player, pylon_c-1, pylon_v-1, pylonheight) setPedAnimation(peda, "wuzi", "wuzi_walk") pedb = createPed( 33, px, py, pz) attachElements( pedb, player, pylon_c, pylon_v-1, pylonheight) setPedAnimation(pedb, "wuzi", "wuzi_walk") pedc = createPed( 105, px, py, pz) attachElements( pedc, player, pylon_c-2, pylon_v-1, pylonheight) setPedAnimation(pedc, "wuzi", "wuzi_walk") else detachElements( pylon, player ) detachElements( ped, player ) detachElements( peda, player ) detachElements( pedb, player ) detachElements( pedc, player ) destroyElement( pylon ) setPedAnimation(ped, "riot", "riot_angry") setPedAnimation(peda, "riot", "riot_chant") setPedAnimation(pedb, "riot", "riot_punches") setPedAnimation(pedc, "riot", "riot_shout") destroyElement( myBlip ) pylon = nil end end addCommandHandler("bnr", pylonHead) i want the peds (ped , peda , pedb and pedc) moveing with me i need only to set rotation changing with me thank you ... mta server write like this [00:53:36] WARNING: banner\pylonhead.lua:28: Bad argument @ 'setElementRotation' [Expected element at argument 1, got number '0']
  11. السلام عليكم المشكلة باختصار انه انا اريد اسوي بيد (ped) واخلي الروتيشن حقه مثل الروتيشن حق اللاعب يعي يتغير باستمرار قصدي من يفتر اللاعب يفتر معاه البيد يعني من يغير اللاعب الروتيشن حقه ابي يسوي البيد setElementRotation(thePed, (getPlayerRotation (thePlayer) ) ) بس حاليا المشكلة اني ما اعرف كيف اجيب كود انه اذا تغير روتيشن اللاعب ولعلمكم انا مخلي ped attached with player pedc = createPed( 105, px, py, pz) attachElements( pedc, player, pylon_c-2, pylon_v-1, pylonheight) setPedAnimation(pedc, "wuzi", "wuzi_walk")
  12. KillaBeatZ


    Hi! 1. Question: I Would like to ask, how could i set the vehicle rotation (facing angle) in my vehicle spawning command? So i want to set vehicle rotate to my Character Facing Angle Rotation.. I'm literally newbie with LUA language. This is my first command: addCommandHandler("sv", function(player, command, model) if tonumber(model) and tonumber(model) >= 400 and tonumber(model) < 609 then local vx,vy,vz = getElementPosition(player) local vhle = createVehicle(model,vx,vy,vz) outputChatBox("Vehicle spawned!", player) warpPedIntoVehicle(player,vhle, 0) else outputChatBox("Error!",player) end end ) 2. Question: How could i make 'easy to use' SKIN-SELECTOR that contains "array with few skin id's[about 5 skin id] and GUI left and right arrow and select button"? I have already tried to make this, but doesn't work for me! 3. Question: How can i send Message To all Player, not only the Command user?! [Example: PAWN Language: SendMessageToAll] Thanks the answers, this very important for me! I would like to learn! Have a nice Day!
  13. Good evening fellows, Recently, I've been trying to find the rotation of one part or side of a random object but I couldn't really find the function or the way to do so therefore I'm stuck. If you did not understand the idea, I'll explain it below; A cube is made of 6 sides or faces, generally in MTA if we have an object with a shape of cube or any other shape, we can get its rotation by just using getElementRotation. But, if we want to get the rotation of one face of its faces it is only possible with couple mathmatic calculations which is a bit complicated when this object is on the form of a cube, therefore it would be more complex if it isn't a cube. A simpler instance, If I was standing infront of a wall, and this wall is one side of a house, this means that house rotation isn't certainly the wall's rotation, but thier rotation is of course related to each other, How will I be able to get the rotation of the wall which is one face or side of a house/building? If you did not understand, I may try to give clearer examples. However, if you got my point, do you have any ideas to share?
  14. Hey there, is there anyway to get an element bounding box with its rotation? How to do it? Thanks for reading and hope you can awnser my question. Edit: Is posible to get it when an element is not streamed?
  15. Hey, anyone knows how to make the function https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementBoundingBox work with a rotated vehicle/object? If I get the position of a vehicle and add the values returned by this function, they are only at the correct position if the vehicle isn't rotated. How do I make it take the rotation into account? Bonsai
  16. Hi! I want to create a fuel system. But I don't know how to calculate the cap's position. I know, that I can do it with getElementPosition, getElementRotation and Offset. But how?
  17. Why does the setElementAttachedOffsets (in server side) not work? i got no debugscript client function onEnter2(player,seat) local model = getElementModel(source) if player == localPlayer and (model == 602) and seat == 0 then local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(veh) local object = createObject ( 357, x,y,z) attachElements(object, veh, 0,0,1,0,0,0) createWeapon_c(veh,object) setElementData(localPlayer,"object", object) addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, rotate_object ) end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", root, onEnter2) function rotate_object() local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local object = getElementData(localPlayer,"object") local _,_,rz = getVehicleComponentRotation(veh, "misc_a") local rx,_,_ = getVehicleComponentRotation(veh, "misc_b") triggerServerEvent("rotateWeapon", root, object,rx,rz) end and the server (which is actualy not woroking) function rotateWeapon(object,rx,rz) outputChatBox("rotate_s") rx = (-rx) setElementAttachedOffsets ( object, 0, 0, 1, 0, rx+7, rz+96) end addEvent("rotateWeapon", true) addEventHandler("rotateWeapon", root, rotateWeapon)
  18. Xwad


    I have a big problem with this code. When i enter a vehicle then the camera is attaching, and the free cam is also working. But when i rotate the vehicles x position 180 degree then the camera is at the same position. I want to attach the camera to a fix point on the vehicle. So my problem is that its not attaching the camera to that point 100 %. its a really strange bug. I could not explain it correctly, maybe you can test it, and then you will see the bug. So i want to attach it like in the bone attach resource. local vvx, vvy, vvz = 0,0,0 function vehicle_cam(screenX, screenY, absoluteX, absoluteY, vx,vy,vz) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer())) if ( vx and vy and vz ) then vvx, vvy, vvz = vx, vy, vz end setCameraMatrix ( x+4.7, y-0.66, z+3.2, vvx, vvy, vvz ); end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, vehicle_cam) addEventHandler("onClientCursorMove", getRootElement(), vehicle_cam)
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