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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone I hope you're having a great day, I noticed that there's been more and more cheaters everyday using fly hacks, speed hacks, serial spoofers etc. On the server I play everyday which is The Favoured Few there's been 10 cheaters banned already from the server in the last 2 days and the server is DM/HDM focused which is even more crazy because its not a RPG server or anything like that and its "suppose" to have less cheaters since there isn't really any point to cheat in HDM/DM unless you want to pass a map faster etc. Please someone from Anti Cheat staff do something about this since its starting to get annoying. Thanks. @Dutchman101 Here's a link to a video where it shows 1 of many cheaters playing with the hack:
  2. English; ● Hello, good forums, my server with freeroam game mode uses the newly released cheat, and now I've seen 2 people, there is video proof of this cheat. I demand punishment. -Video: [removed] [removed] [2022-03-27 10:49:05] LOGIN: (Everyone) [removed] successfully logged in as '[removed]' (IP: [removed] Serial: [removed]) [2022-03-28 22:39:02] LOGIN: (Everyone) [removed] successfully logged in as '[removed]' (IP: [removed] Serial: [removed])
  3. Hello, dear MTA:SA Developers! I wanna report you one BIG problem in AC which may break Destruction Derby and DeathMatch gamemodes (race). This mistake allows some players change config of cars and make cars much more dynamic and gives them very good control of it. This video shows how do players play with it. (Yes, they exist already and play ClanWars! You may see their nicknames on the video + turk teamchat below). If you don't take any actions we will get really big problems with it. AC doesn't detect anything. P.S. I've sent another video (how to use it) to ccw and hope he will take care of it. Serials of these hackers, if you don't wish to play against such kids: [GV]au8 - [GV]N1GHT (IP: Serial: E5D3DA6F88B65BE67A4FA33DB5367FF4) [GV]MercilesS (IP: Serial: 360C120E7E3E0174409665054EB082E4) [GV]Knight (IP: Serial: 212B805E4C93D22E6139A54D300CD1F2)
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