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  1. Those max scripts are bugged, not up to date and thus not really useful but ok : http://www.mediafire.com/file/saexsld44mkss7b/MTAmapExporter.rar
  2. I totally agree to the fact that doing this is in the top 5 ways to get more player, however it needs R* approval and nobody will dare to ask them.
  3. Faw[Ful]

    Quantum Kube

    Custom DM map Quantum Kube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cXpQBAp7C4 Cant find how to youtube on the new forum, so :c
  4. Many servers already do that. Mostly cars Just join them
  5. Faw[Ful]

    KWK 3D Radio

    o your back, nice
  6. Here some custom maps with Lightmaps shader from Ren. Its bigger size but it looks way better than vertex prelit
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/download/saexs ... porter.rar But be warned its bugy Nitron This is the inverse. Its for mappers to export their custom maps from 3ds to ingame. Sadly it will not make instances :c
  8. Its split into parts I guess. There is no prob for the DFF to be larger exept draw distance and col dont need to be the same model as DFF and better too. I base this on a work. I made a too big map part and the COL exploded, was the first time this happened, I centered the pivot on COL instead of DFF to make the bounding box smaller (spacial size) and it fix it. It looked like a scale problem because the col exploded from the side, the too long side I guess­.
  9. Hi, Your COL file is too large. I mean not in filesize but in scale. Must not go above 512,512,512 Generic units Inches in 3ds max. Import the COL file back into 3ds with Kams scripts, notice how all the too far geometry is exploded on the side. Well I guess its that, hope so. Next time create a box of size 512,512,512 each COL files should fit in that.
  10. A rotation axis is inversed, blank map, no possibility of using instanced models. This tool is too old and buggy.. deprecated. Just make modular pieces and snap them in the editor real quick.
  11. Well you can PM me, since I'm active on the 3D map making for race tho. BTW this topic is 1 year old : l
  12. Nice, would be even nicer to have that into a skybox : o
  13. Because 80s Retro Wave is the best thing
  14. You need to use vertex color. Export them with kams, tick Vcol box option. When its too brigth thats because the vertex color are all white 255 and when its too dark thats because the vertex color are all black 0.
  15. I think the COL dont work because you probably just copy paste the DFF model for making the col file. But no, you must reduce the number of polys for the COL file as much as possible. Also use Xview in 3ds to fix stuff on the model if its poorly made which is the case here (overlap faces, vertex...), otherwise col can just explode in a glory mess of invisible geometry
  16. Get DFF, COL, TXD then you must create a script for that See those functions on wiki : engineImportTXD engineLoadCOL engineLoadDFF engineLoadTXD engineReplaceCOL engineReplaceModel
  17. I did a script to create lowLOD Elements based on the objects placed in the map editor. local vdist = 300 -- LOD view distance, max 300 local ids={ {4564, 4113}, {1701, 1747} } -- Normal model id first Lod second function createLowLod() for key,target in ipairs(getElementsByType("object"),true) do if getElementModel ( target ) == ids[1][1] then local px,py,pz = getElementPosition(target) local createobj = createObject ( ids[1][2], px,py,pz ) setLowLODElement ( target, createobj ) attachElements ( createobj, target ) engineSetModelLODDistance ( ids[1][2], vdist ) end end end --Set Function createLowLod() So all the model ID 4564 in the map editor will get the model ID 4113 as the LowLOD when the map start. I can see both objects at the same place, but the LowLOD dont have extra draw distance as its suppose to
  18. I did not try it, but I will soon. About the MP I saw that there is an official map editor in a thing called the creator. It get updates and I saw DD custom maps with red and blue team. I also saw some race pickups, I think they are official. Also saw some event scripts that you can add to your maps but I think it was not official. So conclusion, thats awesome in one side, but it will badly hurt MTA. GTA V MP is so popular that it reaches Minecraft CS Dota level.
  19. Normally we dont help samp here, but this one was easy http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/RemoveBuildingForPlayer
  20. Well done sir I think you should put this in the map section instead
  21. Nope you need to replace. The great thing is that when the map change the same ID can be used again. So grab some you want, put them in your map by scripting and thats it
  22. On raceGeneration when it'll be up, after that I will spread them on some popular race server such as mr.green
  23. Small map based on the mobius band or mobius strip. With many players, there will be other players under you and other that come in the opposite direction so you must avoid them :> Hope to make another video showing the gameplay with many players Credit to Ren for the new magnet wheel
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