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Community Answers

  1. Player peds walking speed is defined by its animation, you cannot change it via setElementSpeed.
  2. Use https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleVariant on the created vehicle and pass the desired arguments.
  3. -ffs-PLASMA

    CL24 MTA

    we dont provide support for custom MTA forks. ask province for support.
  4. MTA only works with the OG version of San Andreas released back in 2005. MTA does not support the new definitive edition of 3D era GTAs.
  5. Your previous pastebin link said something else. If so please run the diagnostic tool again and post new pastebin link in here.
  6. As Vampire already mentioned previously, your GTA is heavily modded. Please reinstall to get a clean one. MTA supports only unmodded GTA installations.
  7. Theres no way to protect such scripts from getting shared/cracked. To be honest, I advice you not to spend any time on that, at the end its a cat and mouse game, just like with cheaters.
  8. Game freezes if you tab out and in too quickly, not sure if its a general issue but I dont have it on official client. No crashes so far, everything works fine, though game drops frames real bad when finalizing physics before boxes turn green if you have too many (>1000) of them but I guess theres no solution/workarround to it.
  9. Make sure the directory or the user starting server process has rights to write to the directory.
  10. Theres nothing we can help you about missing anticheat component. The only solution is to use windows or at least a windows VM and then run MTA.
  11. -ffs-PLASMA


    Install GTW outside your OneDrive folder, eg. local on your disk.
  12. Just don't run MTA and faceit at the same time.
  13. Maxplayers limit is 4096
  14. FFS Gaming provides classic MTA maps from that time. Either join classic OS/Race room to play with others or training room to play selected maps alone.
  15. No thats a client issue, server cannot do anything besides scripting an alternative not to use CEF.
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