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  1. 50p


    There is no need to fight over simple stuff. Copying the code? The code that author of the topic needed help with? Cool down. Don't go offtopic.
  2. You simply apply the same .txd to all the wheels. If you know the wheel ID you're replacing then apply .txd to the same ID. Creator of the mod made it this way to save the amount of files needed to be loaded. PS. Do not double post! You've sent 5 posts, one after another which is unacceptable. Be warned.
  3. 50p


    You're scaling the image UP 200 times of the screen size?
  4. Locked. Topic author's signature is epic. "Need help with something? Message me, and maybe I'll get back to you. And might even do it for a fair price." If you don't have a clue if data is set or not then how can you help others?
  5. I'm aware of this guys, thanks. There is a temporary link now, so you can give it a go.
  6. 50p


    I forgot to reply but I've checked the source code and yes, the events are removed as well.
  7. 50p


    Ideally, it would make sense if MTA removed all the references, info and actions related to that element but from the scripting side of view, it is you who is responsible to deal with such problems. I have recently heard that setTimer has problems when passing player element as argument. When player leaves and another player joins the server (before the timer finishes) that new player will be used when timer calls the specified function. Why that happens? Because MTA reuses the same address in memory for players (userdata).
  8. 50p


    They do use memory since you've attached it to event but the function won't be called because before the event calls a function it gets "validated". If you're building a gamemode that will be ran 24/7 then I'd advice to remove the handler before destroying element.
  9. 50p


    If the event was attached to the element that gets destroyed there is no way the function will be called because the element doesn't exist any more.
  10. function addPlayerXP(thePlayer, _, who, much) -- func definition ------------------------------------ exports.Experience:addPlayerXP(killer, xp) -- calling the function: thePlayer = killer, _ = xp
  11. 1. Make sure the file that contains the functions is shared by both server and client. Meta.xml 2. Fix the arguments when you're calling the exported functions. The parameters are different to the arguments from line 7 (client-side script sample). Tip: Don't give player money in client-side script because it will not sync with the server. Players will still have the same amount of money when you call getPlayerMoney in a server script.
  12. 50p

    about markers

    You're not helping us. What did you try?
  13. 50p

    about markers

    dxDrawRectangle. If you want to draw a rectangle in 3D then use dxDrawLine3D and make it face along +Z. Just check its parameters.
  14. 50p

    about markers

    It's not missing. There should be no "end" on that line.
  15. 50p

    Hex Color

    If you want hex as string: function RGBtoHEX( r,g,b ) return string.format( "0x%x", tocolor( r,g,b ) ); end If you want hex as number: tocolor( r, g, b );
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