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  1. If you want to participate in the tournament which has 50€ prize, join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/x3a6BfDn (I'm sorry if sharing discord channel is prohibited, I just want to let people know there's a tournament)
  2. I finally bought my 1000 claudecoins!!
  3. Hope your ban will change into a temporary ban, Ban Apple.
  4. It won't happen i think, definitive edition uses another game engine.
  5. mertcan4555


    do you even think there is any fairness? The reason of players abusing something is there is no one playing fair here... All of the DD players try to have stronger car and it's not only limited with turkish players. If you don't have something, (I am not talking about myself) even if your skills are 10/10 if there is a lagger he can beat you easily so you will get some mods; and I don't even think people was worried about dd when there is much abusers when they are the part of these abusers, yeah I used mods in past too but who didn't? If you don't want to play vs abusers then you can search for another clan war, this is how dd community works. You killed a community that was happy before. And don't believe in the clean player role. There is tons of examples but, even your friend moxing was using abuse on “binds” command - Private Bugs and did you do something about it? You will think that I am writing these words to get unbanned my friend but nothing will be same even if het get unban. Or even all of the banned players get unban; nothing will be same.
  6. My friend Antichrist didnt get a final chance as @Dutchman101said every abuser got final chance on #SAVEDD topic. He got his first ban and the ban was permanent, I don't support him because he is my friend but there is many players who deserve permanent ban instead of Antichrist.
  7. mertcan4555


    If the unban period will be only once, I can accept playing vs various cheaters instead of same players; also I don't think the unbanned players will try to abuse anything again to not get banned again
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RULTpJzShVE
  9. try disabling full screen optimizations
  10. They can't do it because they do not own the server. You should contact the server owner
  11. Why not adding MTA:SA into Steam to earn more players and money(I know that MTA staff arent keeping mta alive for money) and adding menus like CS:GO, LoL etc. for example: a DD player wants to play a 3v3 match with random players, presses find button and selects which maps he/she would like to play, or creates a lobby to play with his friends. For other gamemodes like FreeRoam, RolePlay; there is a server browser like current client. Making official tournaments for race, stealth... I can't even imagine it at all, MTA's some gamemodes has a potencial for e-Sports in my opinion, please care my topic because much people wants this important update and MTA will be alive again.(I am giving an example from DD gamemode because I am a dd player as you know, I am getting tired when I try to play a 3v3 clanwar because %90 of servers are empty, as I see DM is dead already and I don't have an idea for other gamemodes but they are going to die soon because people are getting bored.)
  12. I know that i am not supposed to report a 24hours ban here but i got banned with an idiotic reason, I just redownloaded a new gta_sa cuz i got an error. After reinstalling i joined a server then banned, help me please I can't wait 24 hours to play mta https://prntscr.com/oe8vg9 0A00541640B48B81C00C97D80CB06CF3
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