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  1. Oh wow, this seems not so simple. Will have to first restore my website and see what host I'll have and if I'll be able to do those things. Thanks for the detailed explanation
  2. @J4cobLIVEmainI think this is what you're looking for: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tyu8gkwuylax61h/MTA_Maps_Converter.zip/file Not sure where to find it on the web, glad I save everything on my PC throughout the years
  3. In single player they're located in the audio/SFX/FEET file according to this mod which you can open with SAAT to see which sounds are in which bank as there are different feet sounds for grass and asphalt for example. Then you can see if it's possible to disable the default feet sounds using setWorldSoundEnabled and you can play your own sounds using playSound or playSound3D functions when holding the forwards or sprint key or something (idea taken from here).
  4. Hey everyone, Been a while but I'm planning to come back to the MTA scripting scene after a few years of being busy with finishing my studies and with work. The release of 1.6 couldn't have been more perfect in its timing I have setup a few web resources which I can access the following way: Problem is that if I have my website / forum hosted on a HTTPS provider including that HTTP link from above in an iframe causes an error of the sort "Cannot use http on https domain" or something similar (haven't set up the site yet so can't paste the exact error but this was what I remember from years ago when I tried the same). So I guess my question is more related towards the web part of things but is there a way to allow HTTP links in iframes to work fine on an HTTPS host ? Or if there is a way to make those web resource links use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  5. Just in time, finished my masters 3 weeks ago, now I have some time to get back into developing my server and upgrading it to 1.6.0
  6. I've spent the last 10 years playing MTA and have only good things to say. I've met very nice people throughout the years and had a lot of fun playing after high school every day, sometimes until 4 AM at night. I used to have Team Viewer on my phone so that I could see what's happening in the game or press some keys when needed to get away from AFK mode on MrGreen racing server in order to earn 100 coins for being online each hour instead of the 50 which AFK players earned Back in the summer of 2015 I started developing my own local racing server just for fun (huge thanks to MrGreen for making theirs open source on which I based my own) and slowly but surely got into programming and found it very interesting. Then a year later when the time came to go to university I didn't hesitate one bit to choose Informatics as my specialty. I am now finishing up my master's degree thesis (project already done) and am hopefully graduating (again) this year Thanks to making my own server I also got to know and understand web development as I used Simple Machines Forums (SMF) to create a, well, "simple" website for my players. I learned how to create MTA web resources which in turn helped me learn JavaScript and how to embed them in my PHP site so that everything looked as seamless as possible. I am now working as a web developer since late 2019 (first job was intern for 3 months, second am a junior for an year and a half already). I still have all of the files for my server and forum so maybe some day I'll get an actual host and put everything online Thank you to everyone who I've spent a decade of my life with for all the great memories. You can see some of them on my YouTube channel here
  7. Happy holidays guys, been loving MTA ever since I first started playing it in 2013.
  8. After you read some of the stuff best way to learn is to download existing scripts and just edit them. Like changing where something spawns, changing colors of some text, changing its position, etc. I learned by editing existing scripts and i never studied lua the way i study other languages in university.
  9. koragg

    [HELP] F11 Map

    Use isPlayerMapVisible in the rendering / enabling functions of those resources like this: if isPlayerMapVisible() then return end
  10. I'm a race player and some very old maps tend to flicker some objects and/or make them invisible for some time. No clue why this happens but it does happen rarely. Hate it when i save my map and it bugs the :~ out of it. Had to start all over again a few times.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone, this game's always gonna be fun in huge part because of the scripting in Lua part
  12. If the accept id is always the same just write it inside the function like local acceptID = value. And use bindKey to bind function to key. If the acceptid isn't the same every time then it can't be done with bindKey and command handler is ok
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