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  1. what is the function to remove traffic limits for vehicles on original gta highways
  2. Gostei muito das dicas @Lord Henry, eu já avia pensado em começar com a lógica, mas pensei primeiro em mostrar alguns scripts antes de começar a ensinar a lógica, as suas dicas serão muito úteis Obrigado.
  3. sera que alguém ainda quer aprender a fazer seus próprios scripts? essa é a primeira vídeo aula se tiver mais inscritos no canal eu farei mais videos. resources haha foi meu primeiro video "RECURSOS"
  4. good optimization good work. You should already know that you can not set this parent
  5. This is a problem with dimensions other lag that may appear when you use removePedFromVehicle with the moving vehicle you may notice the lock in the vehicle to correct can you use setElementSyncer
  6. Your English does not help but I guess you do not know what you're doing. local arenaPlayers = {} function updatePlayersInArena() --local players = getElementsByType("player") for id,player in ipairs(arenaPlayers) do if player == source then --if getElementData(player,"arenaTag") then table.remove(arenaPlayers,id) --end end end if #arenaPlayers <= 0 then outputChatBox("Arena is empty, setting default state") setRaceState("none") end end addEventHandler( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), updatePlayersInArena)
  7. You're doing everything wrong, my friend. if #arenaPlayers <= 0 then outputChatBox("Arena is empty, setting default state") setRaceState("none") end will never be zero if #arenaPlayers <= 0 then table.insert(arenaPlayers,player) You are adding the player to the table so it will not return zero.
  8. 734: not getting a number. 10: is not managing to export 'item-system:giveItem' 83: counting players of a team that does not exist
  9. sorry but there are lots of examples in the whole forum
  10. show your code. or you can only use interpolateBetween
  11. ZL|LuCaS

    Radar position

    you need to change height position of the screen local xFactor, yFactor = sx/1366,sy/768
  12. it is possible to create a square and walk on it?
  13. it is possible to create a wall without using objects? I am experienced. Can you provide me with functions?
  14. você pode tentar fazer e postar o código para que possamos ajudar.
  15. registro = {} registro.__index = registro function registro.new(name,senha) local new = {} new.name = name new.senha = senha setmetatable(new,registro) return new end function registro:obter() return self.name,self.senha end user1 = registro.new("gw8","1234") user,pass = user1:obter() outputChatBox(user.." "..pass) user2 = registro.new("gw9","789654") user,pass = user2:obter() outputChatBox(user.." "..pass) ????????????????????????????????????????
  16. Already find someone haha I doubt that is professional. beware of thieves
  17. you need math. fileGetSize math.floor
  18. local x,y,z= getElementPosition ( localPlayer ) aa = createPed(0,x,y,z) local myTable= {} local x,y,z= getElementPosition ( aa ) for index,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local a,b,c = getElementPosition ( player ) local distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x,y,z,a,b,c) if distance and (distance < 100) then myTable[index] = player outputChatBox(#myTable) end end
  19. you need to check line 3 --getDistanceBetweenPoints3D local myTable= {} for index,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do -- if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(Px,Py,Pz,x,y,z) < 100 then myTable[index] = player outputChatBox(#myTable) --end end returns players !
  20. addEventHandler( "onColShapeLeave", safecol,function(hitPlayer,thePlayer,theVehicle, id) if getElementType(hitPlayer)== "player" then local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( hitPlayer ) if vehicle then if getElementModel ( vehicle ) == 522 then -- THIS IS LINE 55 setElementModel ( vehicle, 481 ) end end end if getElementType(hitPlayer)== "player" then local skin = getElementModel (hitPlayer) if nonKillables[skin] then triggerClientEvent (hitPlayer, "onTriEvent", root, "text" ) toggleControl (hitPlayer, "fire", true) toggleControl (hitPlayer, "vehicle_fire", true) else killPed (hitPlayer,hitPlayer) end end end)
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