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  1. No, you are not using the right event. Checkout onClientMarkerHit event. The source parameter is the event, so, you just need to compare such element with you variable infoMarker and do whatever you want. Best regards.
  2. Well, I've just realized about few things that I wasn't aware about them. First of all, If you store your exported resource which containts your exported functions in a variable, you can't call those functions with: myVariable(dot)functionName -- This doesn't work util.isEmptyString("FIRST_PARAMETER", "SECOND_PARAMENTER") --## RESULT: SECOND_PARAMENTER -- Right way to read parameters util:isEmptyString("FIRST_PARAMETER", "SECOND_PARAMENTER") --## RESULT: FIRST_PARAMETER Thats all, thanks for reading.
  3. I'm having an issue while using exported functions with receive some parameters Im trying to read the first parameter, but it doesn't work at all, it reads the second one. What do I mean ? -- CLIENT local util = exports["SHI_Util"] function whatever() util.isEmptyString("FIRST_PARAMETER", "SECOND_PARAMENTER") end -- SHARED CLASS function isEmptyString(s) outputChatBox("Recived string: " ..s) end -- RESULT --> Recived string: SECOND_PARAMENTER -- META.XML <meta> <export function="isEmptyString" type="shared"/> </meta> Something similar happens with server side exported functions. I hope you can bring me a hand with this. Thanks in advice, best regards.
  4. Nonsense ? For other resolutions will be the default one "x1". On the other hand, there is something called elseif (Not sure if you heard about it) which allows you to set a multiplier for other resolutions ...
  5. You could use a variable that increase the size value of fonts, dx sizes ...etc local sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize() local multiplier = 1 if sY >= 2160 then multiplier = 2 end function yourOtherFunctions() dxDrawRectangle(0,0,250*multiplier, 100*multiplier) end
  6. Hello dear community, I'm back in development scene and I have some doubts about performing my current scritps that I made like 4 years ago. Well, the first question is Passing an element with multiple datas decrease is not a good way to a proper performance ? In fact, I have this doubt with a data which store players in a specific arena. Imagine that there are 32 players in that arena, well, im storing them in a table which is a data of the element. My question is, passing the whole element pass only the pointer address or pass the elements, therefore, the performance could be decreased ? I leave you a picture of the element. The other question is, what about if I trigger from a client to the server side an element which containts some datas, but before the element arrives to the server, some of the data changes his values. Which values arrives ? The updated one or the old one ? Best regards.
  7. Might you should check the following doc engineRequestModel It has an example that might could make you achieve your goal
  8. Did u add it to your meta file ? If you can, show is your meta file
  9. Are you sure that the file "states/fenyjelzo_szabad.txd" is loaded correctly ? Might you could add a condition with "fileExists" function to confirm that it exists. Regards.
  10. Not tested addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local a = string.format("FPS: %d PING: %d", 51, getPlayerPing(localPlayer)) local c_version = "MTA:SA"..getVersion().mta.."*" dxDrawText(a, 0, 0, sx-dxGetTextWidth(c_version), sy, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1, "default", "right", "bottom", false, false, false, false, false) end )
  11. Whats exactly do you want to do ? It is doing what you have coded.
  12. getCursorPosition() playSound() Remember using onClientRender to catch the current position each frame. Regards.
  13. How base64 could help me ? It has not sense.
  14. Hello dear community. Is there a way to load an image that is not in the meta.xml INTO the HTML. Im currently downloading the avatar photos of x accounts, however, due to it isn't in meta.xml I can't load it. I hope you can bring me a hand. Best regards.
  15. Inside pumps table there isn't another sub-table or at least not as first array element. What does it mean ? Might you have an structure which looks like this one local pumps = { anyData = false, -- You can not get the lenght of this one subTable = {} -- However You CAN get the lenght of this one } Regards.
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