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  1. I recently reinstalled windows and I guess I deleted some codecs I had before, now when I try to open movies made with fraps in virtualdub it says something like Can't locate the decompressor codec "FPS1" and something like I need a DirectShow codec, well I searched the web for it and dled something but nothing worked, any1 knows where I can get that to fix my problem?
  2. Oh.....yeah I found the right driver update and everything works fine now.
  3. My default device is C-Media PCI, and thats all, I dont have anything else in there. I did try both of the fraps sound settings before posting this. I tried searching for a driver but couldn't find any. Well I guess I'll give it another try.
  4. Ok I want to record a movie with fraps with sound, I have fraps 2.0 which should be able to capture sound with the video but the sound comes out as blank or very very quiet noise. Anyone has any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. Sorry, but I don't find this as something special. It was way too long....for an intro, and very boring. Could've been better if you would shorten it to about 30-50 seconds. Very repetitive.
  6. LMAO all you guys are going crazy and dillusional. Ok first of all I do not use run and fire mod(is it just me...or nobody is running and firing on my pic), i dont even think its possible to use any mods on mta. I appreciate your attention to my sig but I have no idea why you think I am using that mod. On the pic you can CLEARLY see that the guy is holding the rifle with both hands and of course other guy's head is not invisible and you cant see the other hand because its right behind it. And second of all this is not a post to discuss my sig, its a post to discuss my video. Get back to the main topic and if you want to talk about mods or else start a new post.
  7. Well lol as you can see only the first minute of my movie was with mods, thats because I took those vids during my butterfly movie and just put them in this one. But later there are no mods, so thanks for the suggestion but it's a little too late.
  8. Here's my second video which is better than my first one in some ways. My stunting skills have improved a little even though I dont play that much as well as my editing skills. The quality of the movie has improved also. Far from perfect, but will help you kill some time Download Here --------------------------------------->Corruption.avi
  9. You have a very dirty sick and perverted mind Ransom.
  10. Ok I've been trying at the tga website, why else would i say dl a movie from each category(there are no movie categories here)...meaning like gta stunt videos, glitch videos, killing videos or w/e I tried all of them and every file I try to download when it tries to open, it gives me one of those errors like this file is damaged or corrupt. The only video that worked was the one called MTA.
  11. Well maybe i have read it before posting this....
  12. *Edit*Hmm, everything works now. None of the tga downloads are working now, or is it just me? I tried to watch a video from each section and every time it would either say the file is corrupt or something like class factory cannot supply request class.
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