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  1. I've got some many problems with my provider (Wanadoo) . But i'll came back soon please wait Now i'm working on the GUI client/server for LAZN because i wait for internet ciussssssssssssssssss
  2. Yakuza and Redspike has beginning mission coding Master Server :50% (beta) GUI Client/Server : 50% (beta) Mission Coding : 1% NetCode : 5% Memory Coding : 5% GTA III Support : 25% GTA VC Support : 1%
  3. We need : -> Mission Coders (IMPORTANT) -> Visual Basic Developpers -> C++ Developpers -> Beta Testers Please reply with your mail and what do you want to do ex: [email protected] / VB Developpers
  4. A new version has been released Please test this new version -> Reboot Server -> Better Master Server Support -> GTA Admin Console Implementation -> Beginning Multiplayer Support from GTA III , but it not work now Please wait fro GTA VC Please try and and reply if u have problems EDIT: URL REMOVED Enjoy
  5. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/fyfclan/GTAWO/gtawo.exe
  6. Sorry for the bad link , it's an error from me '>http://membres.lycos.fr/starwars03/gta/test/gtawo.exe This is the link , good dwl
  7. If you've downloaded the pre-alpha version please connect to the official server , if u meet some bugs , pleare reply in this topic
  8. Other News for GTA World Online ..... We works on a website , please w8....... Syntax and RedSpike begin working on GTA VC Multiplayer coding with some good results The Master Server for GTA World Online is in alpha-testing... You can try a pre-alpha version of GTA World Online but it has no GTA Multiplayer Support Now . It's just a preview http://membres.lycos.fr/starwars03/gta/test/gtawo.exe Thanks to say what do u think about this interface GamePlay : It's just beginning Memory Coding : It's just beginning GUI Interface : 70% GTA III Support : w8 for MTA 0.3b GTA Vice City Support : ask to RedSpike or Syntax Client/Server Communication : 90% Master Server Support : 25% A screenshot of GTA III World Online
  9. This is one screenshot of GTA World Online . It's the client/server GUI Preview For the missions scripting , ask to yakuza or watch the others topic
  10. The GTA World Online Team works very hard for the mod Liberty City/ Vice City . The GUI Client/Server is OK -> Developpement : 95% The new GTA III Interface by RedSpike is beginning -> Developpement : 15% The Mission Scripting by Yakuza is beginning -> Developpement : 15% Now we wait for a stable release of MTA 0.3b for begin NetCode and Memory Assignments
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