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  1. it really isn't that difficult... in fact it has been made even easier recently. Install latest Nighly from here Install latest data files from here Download the latest resource zip from here extract the resources to your resources folder within your MTA installation directory (MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources) start the game. click on the map editor menu item on the main menu. away you go. If you want to have it on a server, you'll need to start the server, and then type "start editor" in the server console, or in the game console if you have admin privileges. EDIT: Fixed link.
  2. a number like, for example, the wanted level? think of a more original way of doing it...
  3. the 1.0 editor is in.... 1.0 (Which is normal mta, not race) which works on vista...
  4. my point was, the discussion about bugs, the steps to reproduce, the possible relationships to other bugs, should all be on the bug tracker.
  5. this should all really be on the bug tracker - http://bugs.mtasa.com. It really isn't hard to use. Someone else mentioned the hydra rocket bug, but i don't think they actually created a new issue for it so you should go ahead and do that.
  6. if you read his post properly he is on about the ModDB page.
  7. you need 1.0. this function doesn't exist in dp2.3. (http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=SetCameraMatrix)
  8. from a design point of view the forum looks much cleaner, and does its job much better, without signatures ruining the view. The other thing to do is end all of your posts with a mock sig, much like this: I R MADE A FUNNEH!
  9. the physics do pwn, i'll endlessly let myself get run over, or run peds over, just because its fun. I've also got a couple of scripts on - the grabscript so i can grab cars and just hang on. and the other one which makes you walk drunk, so if you time it right you can go flying down a flight of stairs. Just a point tho, it isn't strictly rag doll physics (http://www.naturalmotion.com/), and it is more than just slightly improved. Though i have to agree, there is nothing else in the game which has kept me playing, the story is also weak imo and i just haven't given SP the time it perhaps should have deserved. I mainly just piss about on free mode multiplayer, and stop playing when the game crashes.
  10. Another thing to remember regarding upgrading your scripts - like any release 1.0 opens up a whole host of new possibilities. So while you can just say "upgrade" and it will convert functions to their 1.0 counterparts, as robhol says it is definitely worth, not only rewriting the scripts, but also rethinking the design behind the script. You may be very surprised as to what you can now achieve.
  11. Willy

    After all

    if you don't know the password to your router, you cannot forward your ports and then you cannot host a server on your home computer. The End. There is nothing we can do about it. It is down to you, and your parents.
  12. that would be Jason Statham - and he was in films, looking like that, before rockstar made gta4...
  13. they'd have trouble with every other area of the game however - the forums and irc is in english. The wiki would need translating and english is the common language of most people who play MTA, and is definitely the common language of the devs.
  14. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=OnVehicleDamage
  15. Willy

    Steam Version

    https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21052 might offer some help. searching the forums does help.
  16. i was responding to this, it sounded like a challenge: I was thinking outside the box yeh the table would be big and it would take ages to go round and map everywhere, but hey - if it is needed that desperately then it would be a solution It wouldn't take that long to do if you wrote a function to record the values... edit - just had another idea. have a client connected to the server at all times with the sole purpose of recording z values. warp that player to the co-ordinates you want to get the z of, get the z clientside and then send it serverside with a triggerServerEvent
  17. One idea, which perhaps would take a bit of time, would be to go round and get the average z value for an area of ground, store it in a table/xml like this: z = { {minX=300, maxX=400, minY=300, maxY=400, avgZ=15}, -- and so on.... } then do something like: function getZgroundPos( x, y) for i=0,#z do if x > z[i].minX and x < z[i].maxX and y > z[i].minY and y < z[i].maxY then return z[i].avgZ end end return false end this would mean you'd have to go round and get the values - and as to how specific you get, well it doesn't really matter - for large areas of flat ground - have a big gap between minX, minY and maxX, maxY - for bumpy areas (chiliad) just do smaller areas... hope that helps
  18. If you have this script clientside it may cause the problem as "onPlayerJoin" is a serverside only event. try "onClientPlayerJoin" instead.
  19. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=AttachElementToElement
  20. you can't. beethoven, stop responding to people needing help when you clearly don't have a clue what you're doing yourself. Only answer if you actually know the answer or have something relevant and valid to say. I'm sick of checking the forums and reading shit posts by you that are meaning people's problems arent' getting solved.
  21. or, more likely, leave the don't enter an ip in the conf. It will automatically know what ip the server is running on.
  22. where am i grig people who bump posts without looking at the date they posted it... clearly you can grig that out of the common sense archives...
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