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  1. I can't guarantee an 100% uptime or something, if people pay and something would go wrong, I would loose customers.
  2. Which Lua compiler How are you going to realise this?
  3. How would you trust a paid hosting company then?
  4. Actually you also can abuse it with F8, there it's possible.
  5. But why? Because he doesn't likes RPG
  6. Feature request: - The player who is added as friend haves to accept the other person first - Serial must nog be visible - Store it into MySQL database instead of based on serial (I have multiple PC's with other serials)
  7. Depends on your location (where you live) and the server location.
  8. I need http://xtremex.ru/server/server/gta-eng.zip , where can I find it?
  9. I still don't get it (can't imagine what you mean)...
  10. I can't install Windows on the VPS...
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