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  1. CodeMaster

    Passing by...

    100% sure But I haven't been here in a long while, so no wonders. Cheers Nidza
  2. CodeMaster

    Passing by...

    CodeMaster has been my "trademark" ever since! Don't know, I guess the avatar is original too, maybe you've just mistaken me for someone else? Oh! Sorry eAi! I tought it was toady's job to design the sites Blokker's too, but blokker was rather administering it all if I'm not wrong
  3. CodeMaster

    Passing by...

    Hey scar! Glad someone remembers me still! Sorry I won't ask you how's it going, I'll see you in game, I don't want devs pissed cause the offtopic ;P Cheers Nidza
  4. CodeMaster

    Passing by...

    So, first of all hello to everybody! I doubt anyone remembers me anymore, but I remembered you all however, and decided to come and check out how things are going! All I can say is: awesome! Seems like MTA has quite advanced from the time I left! I might actually check out the docs once again and thinker about making something small, just to remind myself of Lua, but I won't be back here for long stakes. Yeah - 'bout that I might release my unreleased almost finished polished fuel script (yes I actually found it somewhere in my HDD wasteland, just if I could find it back it'd be cool hopefully you'll see CFuel v2 out soon ). Anyways, /me hopes that the community is still healthy, hope that the newcomers didn't ruin the small heaven we had here some years ago (yeah I miss good old =FAS= ). No cheaters still? Cool. Plain cool. Heard the sync is even better now, I've gotta check that out! And yeah, btw, toady, or whoever redesigned the homepage - respect man. It has a briliant design now! Almost if this was a full commercial game! (Almost? It's even better!) Btw, if you still remember me, drop me a hint, I really missed you all Cheers Nidza (Whoa! The real signature is available now? )
  5. Hahah, yeah that would be nice Btw SpZ and Draco have made quite "updated" versions on Draco's site. Cheers Nidza
  6. You're not major noob... It happens if you're still an unexperienced scripter. Don't worry experience comes with time function ClientChat(text) if ( text == "pos" ) then outputConsole ( "SUCCESS" ) outputChatBox ( "SUCCESS", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 255, true ) else outputConsole ( "FAILURE" ) outputChatBox ( "FAILURE", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 255, true ) end end addEventHandler ("onClientChatMessage", getRootElement(), ClientChat) There that'll work. You wrote "OnClientChatMessage" instead of "onClientChatMessage". Cheers Nidza
  7. Yup it can. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/index.php?title=CallClientFunction for more info about it (but I guess you found it there). @Gamesnert: You're sure that serverside scripts share variables? Wouldn't that cause some of the confusion? I thought they were separated (partially)...
  8. Windows 7 compatibility status: Compatible Confirmed. Great job dude! BTW: Workaround for the XML parse error? Hold Enter Cheers Nidza
  9. You really underestimate power of Windows 7. Comparing to all other systems the users of Win 7 has the greatest backwards compatibility: If thing works on Vista, it should work on 7, if it works in XP it should work in XP Mode. I'll post you on my progress with fixing the editor to work under 7. Too bad you couldn't release this for native windows (which would provide full compatibility to all systems) or at least .NET 1.1 which is built-in XP (assuming that's the oldest system still in use by most of MTA community members), so it'd save us pointless downloading on slow connections like mine (256k unfortunately). Otherwise looks ok, too bad I haven't been able to use it since I really need a good Auto Completion (Notepad++ API by NeonBlack is incomplete, and so is the one by Caz unfortunately). EDIT: Found a good one - http://dracoblue.pastebin.com/f31d6a331 by SpZ Cheers Nidza
  10. :\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\ Put it in resources folder This is way too old, it might not work, I'm thinking about recreating the fuel script for 1.0!
  11. Great job dudes! I've been awaiting for a long time... Since the MTA Race was released! (actually I joined on Deathmatch DP1 release to the community I was just watching the project before). I'm having plenty of work on my mind, so I can't wait for the release so I can be 100% sure that there will be no compatibility problems. Cheers Nidza
  12. Orly? Sorry Caz! I thought it was 50p since he was enough persistent even to export 260 images one by one for his speedo (Couldn't you do angle calculations simply? I prefer using gray matter for everything connected with coding ) GUI Editor? I was thinking to do such thing, so I don't need to enter game, though ingame one works fine so I didn't bother Good luck with that. Cheers Nidza
  13. Good looking so far, what else to except from 50p Seems like it'll speed up development a lot, just check out some of the feats from SciTE, like some distinctive highlighting and unclosed quote warning, that eliminates syntax errors a lot faster. I like the MTA func list, and the resource creation. Keep up the good work I wonder how do you have such nerves to write things like func list 1 by 1 func Luckily we've got guys like you in community. Cheers Nidza
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