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  1. If the second computer is on the same network as the first computer you will need to connect to the server using a LAN ip, which may look something like this: "192.168.0.*" Connect to your router (see an online manual for your router) and find out LAN ip the computer you are using as a server has been designated, then type that into the "Host:" box.
  2. before you connect to a server (when you are on the main menu screen) press f8 (to open the console) and type "window" (without the quotes) this then allows you to connect to a server with your game windowed and you can successfully minimise your game.
  3. looking at that you have added an ip address to the mtaserv.conf (). You can leave this blank. I guess that you are running the server on your local computer, use quick connect and type "localhost" (without quotes) into the "host:" box, your port (22005) in the box to the right of the one that says host: and then your server password in the "pass:" box.
  4. if you have logged in as an admin you can then use the console (f8) to start resources, http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=Deathmatch_Server_Manual has some info on it, but try typing "start broph" in the console (without quotes), that will get you started.
  5. don't double post... there are people who would be willing to help you if you have specific questions and after you have tried to do it yourself. These people can be found in the scripting section of this forum, and on the #mta.scripting channel on irc.
  6. if you are using a no-cd crack then the patcher won't work.
  7. oh dear... no... it really isn't that hard. why don't you have a think about it, maybe read about xml for a while? an alternative would be to actually look at the acl file you are editing and see if you can find a bit that already says the bits you just added. Also the will only work if that's the name you used to register and log in to the server in question.
  8. the topic is less than 3 months old, and i wouldn't call it a bump - i'd call it asking for help... and wtf are "congragiolations"?
  9. I use refresh when i modify resources, if i have modified a couple using refresh restarts them without needing to do them individually...
  10. A: Zero Point Module, and there was one up your arse last time i checked. Q: How do you propose we get it out?
  11. erm you did it wrong again... triggerfor is the first argument...
  12. Willy

    Gui help!

    for your addCommandHandlers all you need is this: addCommandHandler ( "ce", createExplosion ) you don't need the "getRootElement(), source" bits
  13. if you had read the information freely available in the mtaconf (i copied and pasted this from your post) then you would know. =)
  14. have you made sure that the relevant ports are forwarded on your router? www.portforward.com has a comprehensive list of guides for port forwarding on many routers (including many zyxel routers).
  15. "" goes in the meta.xml (as it says on the link you posted). You can also put the vehicles in a .map file (same syntax as an .xml file but mta recognises it as a map) and you would put in your meta.xml (if your vehicles file was called vehicles.map). Your map file may look like this: <map> <vehicle model="400" posX="1710" posY="-1354" posZ="13" rotX="359" rotY="5" rotZ="3"/> </map> which would place a vehicle at the given position and rotation, of the specified model. Add more tags to add more vehicles.
  16. I don't think that fadecamera does anything other than fade to opaque and back to normal... if you wanted a green tint i would suggest tiling a 1*1 semi transparent .png over the whole screen using guiCreateStaticImage... I can't think of another way of doing it.
  17. Willy

    No proper permission

    A few things you could do to get people to be able to help are; tell us your operating system, I am guessing it is WIndows Vista, and tell us EXACTLY what the error message is and when it appears (a screenshot seems to be the best way to do this).
  18. at the top of your script write: local closeBTN
  19. I would recommend using a table, as you can store functions within tables. For your example you should be able to do something similar to the following: table = { button = {label="a button", onClick = function() outputChatBox("OMGZ BUTTON CLICKAGENESS!") end } } then table.button.onClick would be your function that you should be able to stick in the eventhandler... not 100% on that one tho - you would need to test it out. (i can't as i'm not at home).
  20. erm... you're wrong. I have just written a script with exactly this in it (apart from the second function isn't called with a command handler) and it works fine...
  21. I was raped by an umlaut. but yeh - would be good to see it in game; it would make translating things to and from, say russian, easier when you have no-one who speaks both and you want to try and tell someone the rules etc.
  22. I'm going to have to disagree, i've recently written a script and it was a toss up between xml or lua tables, and it turns out that tables were by far the best to use. Once you realise the power of tables XML becomes as insignificant as Brophy's sexual advances.
  23. download this file: http://www.pinkboxstudio.com/lua.api put it in your notepad++/plugins/APIs/ directory. in notepad++ go into settings->style configurator select lua in the language scroll list, select one of the styles (i use FUNC1) in the style scroll list and copy and past all of the functions in the lua.api file (you can open it in notepad++) into the "user defined keywords" box. You now have both colour coded MTA functions, and auto complete (by starting to type a function and then pressing ctrl+space). fin! EDIT: this may be an old list (and is definitely not complete for DP3 functions)
  24. bool setBlipColor ( blip theBlip, int red, int green, int blue, int alpha ) local theplayer = getPlayerFromNick ( name ) setBlipColor ( theplayer, 0, 0, 0, 0 ), your example won't work because you've got "theplayer" which isn't a blip, its a player. You might want this: function getBlipAttachedTo( thePlayer ) local blips = getElementsByType( "blip" ) for k, theBlip in ipairs( blips ) do if getElementAttachedTo( theBlip ) == thePlayer then return theBlip end end return false end and then do: local theplayer = getPlayerFromNick ( name ) local theplayerblip = getBlipAttachedTo(theplayer) setBlipColor ( theplayerblip, 0, 0, 0, 0 ) the example on this page might be useful: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=GetColorFromString
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