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  1. For some reason I spent a whole hour on trying to get the damn map editor just to work. And I still haven't because I'm tired and give up but anyways yeah I can't figure this out. Why does it have to be so complicating? Also I ended up loosing all of my made resources thanks to this bullshit, along with having to re-install the game. If anyone just wants to establish with me on how to install it properly then thanks.
  2. I'll get a hold of you on IRC so you can look at my code. Thanks.
  3. Hmm, I seem to be having a problem with this. It seems as it fails for large gui's or something because when I make a large gui with tons of elements and stuff the thing just fails and nothing will come up. As if I just place a couple buttons on there it works fine. Now I know it will fail to show up if you have certain characters like "-" in a variable but im uncertain about anything else. So R3mp if you know whats going on please help, thanks.
  4. Your having the same issue as I am as if you would have searched you would have found that out. It appears as of now http://www.mtabeta.com, the site/server that holds every single mta account (as so I believe) is currently down. We all have to wait, thus of us who don't have the game installed until the team decides to give us support, whenever that happens. On a side note, this problem is NOT the serial problem. If we already have accounts then obviously we can't be having the serial problem people who don't have accounts are having. Therefore, don't worry about any issues with serials.
  5. I think this would be a very useful command. That way it would be possible to change animations on vehicles such as the lights on emergency vehicles and so on.. Maybe it's possible but if it's hardcoded would it be?
  6. Okay thanks a LOT! Post it when your done eh?
  7. Did you try entering your account details in? Should be just your username and password.
  8. Don't know about ropes because that's a totally different thing that's involved, if you DID use a rope to rapel down from the heli in sp mode then you could be able to, but only PED's (or cops) do it in single player, however this can be already scripted and done. As far as shooting from the heli it's 100% possible. The mission where you ride with Wuzi's friend in a helicopter to go to that ship and blah blah blah... Could be a good addition to the game though. But these things can already be scripted.
  9. The server automatically appears on the list once you run it, as long as your have "All eye-seeing ports" open.
  10. Might not work because MTA's server file itself is over 300mb, unsure if that's for every OS but I would assume because it's all the same resources needed to run the server.
  11. Don't worry about it, just skip it... should automatically detect your "Serial" off your computer, I don't think hdd but I could be wrong. Try it with skipping it though, wouldn't hurt it.
  12. lawlz.... hopefully they can get all of the languages on the game by final release...
  13. Wow Twig thanks! Definitely worked now! Would you please mind telling me what you did or sending me that plug in you have for 3ds max or w/e? I got 3ds Max 2008. Thanks a lot! Just make a quick tutorial starting from 1) Make your 3d model, and then after that so on! Thanks again!
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