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  1. Enjoy! (Sorry for the bad edit in the second stunt.)
  2. Yes, I know.Maybe I will make some more harder stunts soon, still thanks guys! (500th post!! )
  3. Hello guys, I always liked hydra so I made video of some stunts (maybe I make more soon) I know some are very easy, but I hope you enjoy (sorry for shitty editing, I'm just a beginner).
  4. You're just too lame too stop the fight.Be more mature and let's deal with it like a man. (You have whole shc server, yea of course...)
  5. Damn, you are so hilarious!! 150 mb lol! Go publish it if you want. Btw, DDC has nothing about this - it's not of your business.
  6. Example: player = '#ffff00proracer' outputChatBox ( player:gsub ( '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '' ) )
  7. Here I created player id for the scoreboard, I tested it and should work: addEventHandler ( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function ( ) for i,v in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( 'player' ) ) do setElementData ( v, 'data.playerID', i ) end exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn ( 'data.playerID', 70, 'ID' ) end )
  8. Use Notepad++: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
  9. Try this: function playerContinue ( ) local playersRed = countPlayersInTeam ( teamRed ) local playersBlue = countPlayersInTeam ( teamBlue ) for i,v in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( 'player' ) ) do if playersRed == playersBlue then setPlayerTeam ( v, teamRed ) elseif playersRed > playersBlue then setPlayerTeam ( v, teamBlue ) elseif playersRed < playersBlue then setPlayerTeam ( v, teamRed ) end end end addEvent ( "OnPlayerPressingButton", true ) addEventHandler ( "OnPlayerPressingButton", getRootElement(), playerContinue )
  10. function pest (sourcePlayer, command, who) local targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( who ) if ( targetPlayer ) then local x,y,z = getElementPosition (targetPlayer) local xp,yp,zp = getElementRotation ( targetPlayer ) createObject ( 970, x+3, y+3, z, xp, yp, 0 ) end end addCommandHandler ( "pest", pest )
  11. Also I sometimes don't understand this, I saw many people use ipairs and with your example I think pairs is the best way. What is the reason?
  12. ipairs can be used to go trough string indexes also if I'm not wrong...
  13. Yes, also you can download Lua 5.1 for Windows and use the Lua Command line to help you testing stuff you wanna test quickly.
  14. server/mods/deathmatch/registry.db (You can open it with any SQLite Viewer.)
  15. proracer


    I know him he is my friend, he wanted to use the partial name for a player.. I didn't said you're code is wrong, on the contrary it's good. Like for example: /warn Sol - (instead of Solidsnake14) which must be used with getPlayerFromName
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