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Fraps or other programs to film!


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Fraps goes slow because you have a low spec computer. It needs quite a lot of CPU and if you don't have a powerful enough pc then you can't use fraps :-\

And what does CPU means???:P

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google for gamecam

its difficult to set up though (apparently)

Gamecam i just tryed...

It don't work on my compu...Please anyone?!?!?!?!?!

Please someone...Give me a link of a good filmin program for games!!!


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lol just get a better program :P

That is what i am searching for...you now one?


I did once m8 but i forgot it , i no there is another recording program out there which is better , have a look in google (Game Recording Software)

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Thanx for the help guys!This is how i do it from now one:

I wil do a replay in GTA VC, than i wil show my replay and record it with FRAPS!

Tadaaaah: Perfect stunt:D

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just a tip, you can set FRAPS to record the game at half resolution, which should give you much higher fps. half size is usually large enough (unless you play on a very low resolution).

another tip is press F2 to save a replay, so you can press F3 and view it at any time.

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i assumed he was recording it in single player.

another tip is, in order to permanently save a replay so that it wont get overwritten the next time you save one, copy the .rep file from your GTA Vice City User Files folder (located in My Documents) into some other folder and rename it. then, when you want to record that replay, put it back into the original folder and name it replay.rep.

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