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  1. hey i wanna join i know tempa and olivin. i play vc mp and am active alot except im moving in a week or so so i may be inactive for like 4 days there since im getting a new pc (amd athlon 4400+ X2) erm i have msn and aim except i dont have aim installed so umm yeah and sweet may remember me in 0.1a at the partyserver spawn war, we glitched out
  2. TreeChop


    i just like getting the desert eagle and pop some people
  3. lmao nice topic, more oh noes pictures!
  4. im doing it now, im on the point where im making the blade
  5. flamerthrower is just lame, especially if ur against a lagger, they just stand there flaming and they hit u and u cant hit them at all!
  6. lol i installed it and its cool but when ur a cop and have to arrest drunk drivers how do u actually find them?
  7. I guess ur gonna take that back then, hahaha!
  8. Myriad islands Nice vid guys, but "NO Mods were used to create this vid"? I want myriad islands!
  9. if u skip to 3:47 in the vid u can see in the background some weird stuff, i dont know where that is? is that a mod or something?
  10. TreeChop

    cool screenshot

    In the player list i see a carkilling/pausing nub called yakudza, i hope im seeing things
  11. TreeChop


    i dont know but that looked like XcR just owned Vicer lol
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