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GTA Police

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This is what it says on the site:

GTAP aims to:

Prevent and detect MTA cheating

Prevent and detect MTA modding

Create a blacklist of MTA cheats/modders

Create a police garage of modifications for single player GTA

How do you plan to achieve points 1 & 2? Point 3's a good idea though - a centralised ban list that server admins can download.

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there are actually, they are called admins.

for this group of yours to work you would need to have admin access to servers to grab ip addresses and enforce banns. do you think you will be given admin access to servers just because you want to be self-appointed cops?

i wish you luck with your group.

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Sounds like a plan, but hard to enforce as you'd need admin to find the cheater's IP, which would involve contacting the server admin and getting it from them which isn't always going to be a straightforward buisness...

You could run it as "contract adminining" though, but that would mean that the server owner would have to be able to trust your group as a whole, which seems unlikely (even if you're all wonderfully trustworthy people).


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yeah, trusting someone enough to admin a server is hard enough, but a whole group is much harder. and if for some reason a bunch of servers decided to give you admin access, then the new members you recruit would likely be the wrong types who just crave power over others.

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interesting... i like the idea, but its not very pratical when it comes down to it im afraid.. ppl just wont give out admin to unknowns. The MTA:mA blacklist serves its putpose in that way.. but the main problem with it is that MOST cheaters and modders have the ability to very easily change their ip.

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MTA has caused me nothin but grief. Flames, fights, moaning, n00b talk, utter sh*te and more.

Surely the whole purpose of deathmatch is to fight?

:lol: No Doubt.

Seriously Tho, on a Cheater Note, If they are Keen to change thier Ip via Simple Means (DHCP on thier ISP Type), I used to ban Subnets if the cheating got too heavy, and yes, some people would be banned for no Reason, but if they posted on the Board, and I didn't see a Direct Reason for them to Be banned, I'd Edit the Wildcard Ban Accordingly.

As for more Involved IP Changing or Spoofing, that's on the as-needed, and I find, most cheaters aren't that annoyingly bound to modding in the same server (as they should have better things to do w/ spoofing, besides be a cheater).

Anywho, Good Luck w/ the Police Thing. As for Giving my Admin access to a Group to Distruibute for 'Cheat-Cleaning", I'd rather give some people I Met Admin Access, that way you know who has access, and who will do the Job when needed.

A Group of people w/ Admin Access sounds like an Admin Clan, and in Any clan, you get Lamers occasionally, who can Ruin shit for all the Others in the Clan. A Clan of Police-Admins Sounds way too potencial for Abuse, IMO.

Happy Holidays :)

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You should call it 'FBI' not police.

FBI sounds more powerful. :D:P

Yeah- but it's .co.uk and FBI is American :P

I'm recruiting at the moment- so if anyone's interested have a look at the site ;)

FBI is an internationally renowned association, not just for USA (it deals with USA and international security cases using information from the CIA. and I agree that FBI does sound more powerful. And why do u emphasise the co.uk does this mean that you are emphasising the britishness of this association. You should call it a general name if you want ppl outside UK to join!

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It is impossible to prevent cheating unless an effective method of banning is developed.

Even if an "effective method" of banning was developed, that still would not completely prevent cheating.

To find the real solution of preventing cheaters is to step into their own shoes; why do they cheat?

Fun. Make the game funner. Wich is why I think blue will drastically reduce the amount of cheaters.

Of course, I'm talking about the ones that speedhack/map mod/fly around.

As for the f*ckers that use inf health, I hope a very effective method of banning is developed.

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