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  1. lol, blade109 your sig says " PM from admin:[KFC]Venom is a Bitch" no one from admin whould say that. so stop bs'ing
  2. looks like a cracked client to me. but it doesnt mean the whole clan cheats if one person does. lol nice try getting rid of the whole kfc clan (again)
  3. ROFL U h4x too u just pwned ur sefl
  4. i heard that 0.5 was supposed be released today. but they came aross a map bug in gta3. is that true mta?
  5. how about people need their IPs to register with the server that they are joining. and the admin can accept the registration if they want and stuff. if the server doesn't recognized your ip it won't allow you to enter. but what if people's ips changed? then to bad for them, lolz
  6. only reason why sexyb uses that name is cuz no one likes him.....so he uses it on the net to attract people so he can have cyber sex.
  7. everybody has their secrets.......(like....sexyb u gay lol) and he doesnt need to tell you. keep your nose out of r33ds ass.
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