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  1. Tue-20-03-2007 New website installed - front page updated
  2. The GL website has been revamped and we're still looking for MIA members. If you're highlighted in red then come and see us! Check Server Details on the website for more info...
  3. Glad the prick is dead - just annoyed I wasn't the one who nailed him...
  4. QFT Well - I did put this in the General section but it got moved to 0.5 Never did try anything before 0.3. Might have a look through the archives
  5. Good luck with that one sunshine...
  6. Two more videos found - one by me and another by [GL]Romeo (now known as [GL]SE73N) GTA:VC England (3.78 MB) Download THC Kees Modding (4.75 MB) Download
  7. Bah - who knows. That's what we thought it was way back then...
  8. Back in the days when I was a complete nublet and the MTA community was at war, I remember loads of people made small movies with FRAPS or other recording software. If you've got any old videos that you've made then stick them here. I've found a few of my own (below) and it'd be great to see some old skool stuff Now lets all have a good cry Knight Rider (6.22 MB) Download Packer Glitch (3.25 MB) Download Health Glitch (3.72 MB) Download Racer (3.25 MB) Download [GL] is Back (9.59 MB) Download --------------------------------------------------------------- Cops & Robbers (17.80 MB) Download Ah... old n00by crap ftw
  9. A: It's a Yank biscuit Q: Have you ever eaten a badger?
  10. I thought the current one was rather good... Edit: Bollocks - thought this was about the forum banner - ignore me...
  11. rAceR is still around and active on the forums. Mez is around somewhere in the world of EQ2... He should be back shortly
  12. Sh*t... never knew him (but knew of him) and that really is quite tragic. Puts things in perspective... RIP mate
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