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Bug in police HQ

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Here is a link to the IRC channel: http://www.mtavc.com/irc.php

You will need an IRC client - I recommend mIRC - http://www.mirc.com

If it's a respectable site, the admins can contact someone in charge and ask them to remove the offending content. If, however, it's a warez site or some elite cheating ring, then I'm not sure that a simple cease and desist will have much sway, unfortunately.

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theres some Illeagal form of MTA 0.3r2 goin around that bypasses checking your handling.cfg and default.ide, it also skips trainer usage.

I just hope everyone using it is aware that it IS illegal and you can get in trouble witht eh LAW *BUMBUMBUM* Plus thats just having norespect for the great people that made this community, this game. Please people DONT screw around. if you want to create your own freaking game

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