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  1. JubJub


    You bitches still alive?
  2. JubJub


    At least I'm not fat like you /runs.
  3. JubJub


    My butt is itchy.
  4. JubJub

    My AA clan >=D

    My Tracker: http://aaotracker.4players.de/usertrack ... rid=330079 My Clan's Tracker: http://aaotracker.4players.de/clanprofi ... lanid=2517 Someone got pizzowned... BTW, 2.4 sucks, and 2.3 was much better, that's why I don't play it anymore.
  5. Wah, Chiefy, get well soon Best Wishes -Jubby- [insert candle here]
  6. Landlocked by Elison or something. I don't remember what site I got it off of, ask me if you want it, I can send it to you. I think Mr. Jax knows the site.
  7. i love u crusha! can i have ur autograph?!
  8. awww u lucker i tried doing that on a public server (like "gone in 60 seconds") and ppl got so pissed that they couldnt drive, so they came to the places where we "hid" the cars and they blew em up
  9. YES!!! I REMEMBER THAT NIKL!!! that was funny lol. and yes, those are the cars from the bloodring and demolition derby
  10. JubJub

    TmM vs OC

    nah must have been finger clicking injury. Ive gotten that a couple of times O_o
  11. JubJub

    {PwN} Klan

    im sorry but no comment...
  12. cya man and about that "thing" on the net if its true...
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